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So we experienced water damage in our finished basement.....notified State Farm who we have been with for well over 20 years. In fact the day before we filed our claim I sat in my agents office reviewing our policies and was never once asked about coverage for a finished basement. So the claim is filed and State Farm states"we'll notify the water remediation company and they will be there in less... Read more

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my review worst claim service anderson Cooper did a whole investigation on how state farm operates under the three D's denie denie defet. They only care about speading the lowest cost possable I recomment getting a lawyer don't fight these selfish adjusters on your own because theyare not out for your best interest. Add comment

I had auto insurance with state farm for 6 month paid in full and didn't renew and cancelled the policy through the state farm agent. Later after almost a year they send me a due notice with a small balance then a cancellation notice with a larger amount every time i call state farm they tell me to contact the agent and the agent doesn't do anything and I'm lost between the two. It has been 2... Read more

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If you want some harrassment,these people are the ones;you should stay as far as possible,no run...they are crooks,I hope they go out of business!!! I wish they would burn in ***!They only accepted 1 claim in 30yrs then dropped me.I got another insurance within a day.It was such a rip off.They are a cult!!!A house fell onto my roof,claims adj.est 15,000. in damages.They gave me a check for 7,000.... Read more

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I have state farm, i was rear-ended by one of their insured drivers, his fault. They have to fix my car, so they tell me i have to come out of pocket for rental car with money i dont have. This is just the beginning of the complaints i have. Dont use them. Do yourself and other drivers right, go somewhere else. Like a bad neighbor, theyre only there when you dont need them. Add comment

State Farm terrible customer service. I called my agent a total of 10 to 12 times in a period of 2 weeks, and never received a call back. Add comment

Although I have always had a perfect driving record ( NO VIOLATIONS), State Farm chose to send me a letter of coverage termination, just because I was having constant issues with my vehicle. I have a 1995 Jeep that was not starting due to a parasitic power drain that I was unaware of at that time, and could not afford to have repaired. I contacted them on 4 different occasions for a jump start .... Read more

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hi, I was setting at a stop sign in Covington va, there was snow and ice on the road, the other driver came into the turn, slid into my truck doing damage to the cab and bedside, police were called and did a non reportable accident form. it has been 10 days and I have called state farm 2 times, my insurance has called once, and I have yet to hear a word from them, its like they are avoiding it.... Read more

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State Farm Insurance - Not paying for Client's fault accident
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I was going to work on 12/07/15 at 8.45 am. On the route 272N and Pennisula drive, North East, Md – 21901, I was just standing to make right turn at Cross Roads. Suddenly, I started a noise of one high speed car trying to make a short Break and Next second, before I could understand anything I saw the 2 car hit each other and the windshield of the one car suddenly was flying towards my car. I got... Read more

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Worst company ever 20 year customer and never filed a claim.pipes burst and water damage and they denied claim what a joke company Add comment

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