State Farm Insurance - Sneaky deductable increase on homeowners policy

While trying to file a homeowners claim in October (due to a theft), we discovered that our policy's deductable has doubled the month before. Our agent "played dumb" when I asked why it increased, and it wasn't until I called again, that he told me that everyones policy deductable had doubled and it was noted on my renewal the month before. (No other notification, just a note on the policy.)

Some agents attempted to contact their clients atleast 3 times...not my agent! He states that he called and left a message, but not so...I have an answering maching and caller ID... no call. Then I found out the day they supposadly called - funny thing, I was home, off work the entire day, because I had surgery the day before. Like I said, there was NO call.

Besides all that, in the same week surrounding the day they supposedly called, I have records of contact with them on 3 different occasions, because we were taking out another policy for liability insurance. Not once did they ever mention anything abouth the homeowners deductable.

After talking to several "higher ups" at State Farm, I got nowhere. Guess they are in their legal rights by just putting 2 lines on your policy. Shame on me for not looking it over, but I never imagined they could change that without approval.

So much for being with State Farm for over 20 years.... when they decide to sneakly change something and there is no mandate on how agents notify clients, this is just poor business practice...but I'm sure losing one customer that gives them over $7000 a year is no big deal to them.

If anyone knows of anyway to go further with this, let me know.

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Mar 16 #1128756

They just did this to us and we would have had a claim and we will lose thousands too! I am very pissed in Carmel, Indiana.

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Dec 26, 2015 #1084111

I'm disabled and they done me the same way.I've paid them for almost 10 years and only filled one claim and they told me after the second claim I can't file anymore. Something is very fishy about this!

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Oct 28, 2014 #892142

Just happened to me. I never knew they could change the policy without signature. I just call in a claim today to be notified I was sent a letter in 2013 that I did not respond to and they increased my deductable from 500 to 1000. I am with the company 27 years. Very deceptive.

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Oct 12, 2015 #1046813

Same *** happened to me last week, raised my deductible from $1000 to $3500 and my agent never called to tell me.

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Aug 13, 2014 #855908 Kansas City, Missouri

I use my home owner insurance, car insurance for A catastrophe loss only. I save a ton of money by raising my deductible. Do not do small claims on insurance the days of small claims are over .You save lots of money by following the basic common sense strategy .A insurance company can drop you at any renewal time they want with few exceptions there is nothing you can do about it. Since you do not want to do claims raise your deductible save money.

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Aug 09, 2014 #853923 Saluda, South Carolina

Well in have had travelers insurance for about ten years I had a 250.00 ded.. They must not have had in fine print that they could raise the any timer so to get rid of me they just doubled my insurance.They said it is because the fire dept. moved and it put me at 6 miles . The fire dept is in the same place for probably 15 years and when it moved then it moved closer.They just wanted to loose me because of the 250.00 ded

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Aug 11, 2014 #854722

Fifteen to twenty years ago a 250.00 deductible was acceptable. That's no longer the case. Homeowner's shouldn't even consider turning in a claim under 1,000.00. Insurance is not a maintenance agreement, nor a warranty on their property. It's designed to protect you from a large financial loss that could reek havoc on your financial future. Besides, you're paying a large surcharge to carry such a minimal deductible. Raise your deductible, benefit from a substancial decrease in your premium and put the resulting savings away for that sudden and accidental loss that may or may not occur.

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Jun 29, 2014 #833611 Parkville, Missouri

I had the same thing happen to me. the letter I received said if I wanted the change to send back the letter to confirm. I did not want to change my $500.00 deductable that I'd had for over 20 years, so I did not send it back. I wasn't notified that there was to be any change. BUT THEY CHANGED IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Isn't this against the law?

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Insurance Basics

Aug 11, 2014 #854723

No, it's not. Your insurance policy (all of them), are reviewed and often revised at every renewal period. Policy language changes, coverages are adjusted, endorsements are added, altered or deleted and some renewals don't change the policy in any way. Basically, last years policy has nothing to do with this renewal cycle. You're starting over each renewal. Insurance companies constantly review and evaluate the risk they're willing to take on and adjust accordingly. When you pay the premium, you have accepted the new contract.

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Jun 11, 2015 #993913

Insurance company’s (State Farm) obviously are not governed by any laws, per what I have been reading.
I also fell into the web of the shocked, resulting from State Farm's deductible revisions
I just filed a claim to find out my deductible has been raised from 500.00 to 1249.00. A 40% increase! Wow or should I say why?
A comment was made that I read, telling us to get with the program raise your deductible to lower your premium cost.
Question: WHO received the benefit from the increase in my DEDUCTABLE??
I didn't get a note, rider or endorsement at my renewal stating your premium will be reduced as a result of an increase in your deductible. The LAW tells us we must have insurance. Why doesn’t the law protect us from insurance monarchy?

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Jun 13, 2015 #994858 Covington, Georgia

You did receive the benefit of a lower premium due to an increase in your deductible. Do your research.
Also, the law doesn't require you carry insurance, your mortgage holder does. No mortgage, no insurance requirement.
Insurance is for catastrophe's and you'll be quick to lose your coverage if you make small claims. This is true with any carrier.

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May 03, 2014 #811460

I agree that this is very underhanded of State Farm to make a significant change like this with a few lines as a policy change. I for one am going to check out Allstate prices. It is a shame but most of State Farms policy holder will not know about this change until they have a claim. This is the only way State Farm can prevent a mass exit of their policy holders. Additionally I could pay an extra $224.78 to save myself $790 on a claim. Wow, that's like paying $224.78 for $790 worth of insurance. Do they think their customers are ***.

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Apr 02 #1138324

i to have state farm for 30 plus years my Ahole agent rasied my deductible to a 1000 a fews years ago and my rates didnt go down but went up instead, i was told by the under writer that the 1000 deductibles where for a new policy.. i was pissed because it clear he's playing games with me after all these years ..all i can see happening now with this is that the cost to repair will now go up a 1000 dollars plus because the people doing the work to fix your roof or what ever are going to take advantage of the whole ball of wax.. insurance gets robbed and so do the homeowners ... nice going state farm ..what about that so called 700 dollar auto repair cost that is so out dated they charge you for going over 700 dollars anything under that your safe... since when did you see a 700 dollar repair on your car or truck .. this goes back to what the 70's come on what a shame your going to lose people big time i guess state farm wont be the biggest for to long .. insurance for 1000= What killed state farm? Answer whats was the new deductible...

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Mar 29, 2014 #799970 Richardson, Texas

If you are that upset about your deductable increase,There are other insurance companies other than State Farm.But please be advised there insurance deductables could increase also if you are considerd a high risk.This is why i stick with Allstste never had a problem with them so far.

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StateFarm Hater

Mar 29, 2014 #799901 Barnhart, Missouri

Looks like all of us got sucker punched. My wife and I are 20 year customers with State Farm as well. We had a weather related roof claim in 2009. It should have been a basic "look to confirm" and write a check to cover the costs (minus the deductible). We only got about 2500 dollars to do 6800 dollars worth of damages. My agent said that they would work out the extra charges with the contractor. Their idea of working it out was to tell them to go after us for the money because they weren't paying. That was bad enough, but the worse part was I had to call 3-4 times per week, go to other agencies, headquarters, etc and they did not agree to even send the original check until 2012. That should have been enough to make me leave, but my whole family had been with them so I decided to maybe just switch agencies. Now I had construction materials stolen out of my backyard during a deck install. This time they were quick on the claim and then told me there was a 1000 dollar deductible. I told them to check the claim they paid me in 2012 and she said it was a 500 dollar deductible then, but.... and then I got the whole story about the letter, which if I would have received would have gotten me to call right away. I can understand them changing the premiums occasionally on the policy anniversaries due to inflation and cost of doing business, but we signed into a contract with the understanding we would carry a 500 dollar deductible and they should NOT be able to adjust a... Show more

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In the Biz

May 07, 2014 #812616

There's so much information you need, I don't really know where to start. I guess I'll start with the response to your roofing situation.
First: Your idea that a roof claim is "a basic look to confirm and write a check to cover the costs" shows your blatent lack of understanding of insurance in general. Each claim is analyzed based on prevailing costs for labor and materials in the geographic location of loss. The contractor must provide a BREAKDOWN of the costs and disclose exactly what he/she is doing to repair. The job of the claims personnel is to verify that the contractor is repairing the damage at a fair and reasonable price. We have roofing contractors in our area that give the exact same price for all jobs and just base it on square footage without even examining or attempting to breakdown what the exact repair will take. If insurance companies just paid whatever bill a contractor came up with, there would be no such thing as insurance because it wouldn't be cost effective to keep.
Second: Checks are not submitted to the homeowner until the work is agreed upon and started. Once the work is complete, the final check is sent. There is no up front total loss compensation in the world of homeowners insurance.
Third: You were dissatisfied with your claim so you changed insurance agents? Wow. What exactly did you expect to accomplish with that? Insurance agents are salespeople. Their entire purpose is to sell you a policy. They are not in the claims
... Show more

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canceling everything with the

Nov 23, 2014 #904893 Ashburn, Virginia

Well Jack ads you sound like an agent and yes they are sales people who k ow all the ins and outs however they will only tell you the good parts leaving out quite a bit ,if they told you the real story you would not go with them ,besides who do they think they are we pay thousands for ins and they make you feel you can not make any claims etc shame on them it is our money we pay for when we need it .They will find a way to penalize you it is sick and greedy insurance is for mishaps and life's unexpected happenings that is why we pay but do not go back for your money they will *** everyone cancel with them then they will change there tune money is king use it against them we have all the power with out us they are done

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Apr 02 #1138329

i can see your in the biz alright .. you sound like the loser who low balls your insured on every claim . Nice going Loser your what make the insurance world what it is today .. ***. i can wait till your house gets or car gets the royal treatment for god .. oh wait you have that coverd right because you are god and your comapny buddies will make sure you dont pat a thing .. and thats why it cost us the real insured more because you give away the cash to your so called service / repair shops with out a question. you pay them 3 times the real cost of a part and repair but wont even look when your shown it can be done for less another way... and tell since when do i get a letter from statfarm telling me anythiing about my deductible going apn and this is why .. i have not seen this so called letter ever in 30 years and if the whole agent thing is just for sales .. lets gat riid of that right now .. its costing all of us top dollars beacuse this is how that get paid.. i dont need my loser agent this will save money for everyone.. and deductibles would stay as they are ... so you say Hopefully, you'll stop just paying the bill and actually read what you're paying for and agreeing to. this is true and i hope people do read and dump insurance companys like your whom ever you work/ screw people for are the problem...

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Jan 02, 2014 #767415

I just wanted to state that the same thing happened to me. My husband and I have been with State Farm for over 20 years and just had our first Homeowners Insurance claim. Found out the exact same thing as you and that our policy went from a $500 deductible to a $1700 deductible. Again, like you, we were told that they mailed us a letter and it was stated on the bottom of our renewal "Declaration Page". Funny thing is that this year was the first year we did not receive the renewal in the mail and it was sent to the Lender. Funny how that happened!

Like you said, I guess shame on us. We will be taking all of our business elsewhere!

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Aug 01, 2013 #691812 Akron, Ohio

You won't believe what they are doing now...without any claims state farm is increasing my deductible to .5% of my coverage "A" Dwelling. My deductible was 500.00 and now it is 2461.00. the statement state a change in deductible to the greater of 1000.00 or .5% of my dwelling. So the minimum deductible is now 1000.00 or .5% of the amount you insure for; or in my case 2461.00. My deductible increased five times my previous deductible but the cost of my insurance dropped 13% or about 200.00.

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