Bye Bye State Farm - I just got notice that my homeowners insurance is going up by almost 70% due to a flood claim (3 year old washing machine overflowed) I made. This is on top of my increasing my deductible to $2000 to save money. This is the first claim I have made with them on my homeowners in the last five years.

Now I am out looking for another insurance company to get my rate back under control and State Farm will not only loose my homeowners but also my auto insurance as well not to mention my non endorsement of the company.

On a positive note my State Farm agent called me to notify me of the rate increase and provided a broker to help me research other companies.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #701107

I just got a similar 70% rate jump from State Farm on my homeowners. My only claim was 12 years ago, but it seems the reason--according to them--for the increase was that I no longer own (or insure) a car.

They did not inform me in advance.

This is after 28 years with them. So disappointed.

to MKS #701162

How would State Farm notify you in advance? Agents are notified exactly the same time you are notified that your rate is increasing, at renewal. You are sent the notification at least 45 days prior to your renewal, so that's as advanced as it gets. They don't have some magic crystal ball that lets them know that sometime in the future your rate will be blank. The company processes the renewal notice and sends it to you and the agent.

Also, insuring your vehicle and your home, combined with State Farm is a maximum discount of 20% on your home. So, no you did not see a 70% increase in a rate due to not having your vehicle insured with State Farm. Clearly, there's something else involved. Most likely, previously, you were being rated for living within 5 miles from a fire department and with the new GPS tracking that they're doing, they found out they've been rating you wrong. You're most likely seeing the result of the new rate as it coordinates with your fire department protection, combined with the fact you don't have your vehicle insurance with State Farm.

Also, if you have had a claim in the last two years, it's probably being surcharged now. Either way, it's not JUST because you don't have your vehicle with State Farm.


I have had State Farm for over 30 years, all lines, living in 3 different states. Last year I raised my deductibles to lower my premium because I am on a fixed income.

When my house was hit by lightning and my freezer went out, I didn't file a claim, in fact unless it is a total loss we are better off to just pay out of the pocket. Well I just got my new premium notice, never had a claim, multilines discount and my insurance still increased 40%. I can't afford this premium, it is a nightmare. My premium increased $378.

on a $140,000 home and I am in the middle of Florida, nowhere close to the water or sinkhole areas. We haven't had hurricanes in years, Florida has been a money making market.

Shame on State Farm. I am looking for other carriers.


Allstate is just as bad. I had a water damage claim 2 years ago, insurance jumped 50%.

Since then they want to increase it another 50& without any new claims. I am done. Where is the competitive market here?

I believe these insurance companies are big contributors to Obama's re-election campaign. The more they extract from us, the more they contribute to him!

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