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I recently found out that one of Statefarm's so -called agents is having inappropriate discussions, texts with my husband. When I found this out I immediately go to the office and confront her only to be told by her boss that he has no control as to what she does during her free time.

This *** over stepped her boundaries by texting my husband in the wee hours (5 am ) in the morning and even going to his job and having lunch and dinner with him. Highly inappropriate and all I received was well I don't know what I can do. She (Lisa Sargent Lic# OH03258) over stepped her boundaries with her client. Yes my husband was just as wrong, but with her it was a betrayal of trust and confidence.

I called the corporate office and got no where, was told the same thing. I just feel like something should be done. I called this woman numerous times and discussed the separation of vehicles, discussed our account and little did I know she was dealing with my husband on the sly.

She works at the Palmdale Office under Jerry Strand and neither one of them where helpful.

Jerry of course stood by her side until I showed him the text messages, all he said was that he was not going to fire her and she would not be reprimanded. That makes no sense to me. She quickly left our discussion and went back to the office and called my husband. Now if he's a client and I'm a client, why the phone call to him.

He immediately called me and asked what was I doing there. Now if he's just her client, why the call. I'm just an angry customer, so why are you calling my husband? I told Jerry, "See she's at the office on the phone with my husband".

He had no comment. I have had my account transferred to another office, however I do feel like something should be done.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: If shes not going to be fired, then she needs to be reprimanded!!!.

I didn't like: No policy in place for employee and clients.

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Stop making a fool of yourself and your Jerry Springer lifestyle.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1240802

You're slandering this ADULT woman, for sexting your husband? Why don't you post your dog of a husband's name, and call it a day. Don't be mad at Lisa because you can't keep your husband from straying.

Saratoga Springs, New York, United States #1201679

I think this is about your husbands loyalty. It is easy to block her and he's not.

Woodworth, Louisiana, United States #1181139

You sure that wasn't Jake, Jake from State Farm? That boy is ALWAYS talking to womens husbands in the wee hours of the morning.


Why are you mad at her and not her AND your husband?

to Anonymous #1111962

She said it was her husbands fault too. Read the Entire post before commenting.

She has every right to be angry at both of them and that *** boss should have done something. Period.

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