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4/29/2017 daughter was delayed leaving work because the school was shut down letting no one in or out until they were told. Once she was released she went to the car which is always parked in a grass/dirt area about 100-125 feet into the school gate on the right and was at least 12-18 inches off of the pavement.

She states that she looked both ways and in her rear view mirror several times and only saw a car on her drivers side over a storm crate kind of in the middle of the road, she was waiting for her to pass as there were no other cars except those still outside the gate(person in this car states that she did she my daughter parked in the grass and the other person would had to have veered to the right as it is a one way street and she was towards the middle). She put her car into reverse, let off the brake, heard a pop sound, put it back into park as she thought it was a tired we had repaired. She steeped out of the vehicle to go look at the passenger tire and noticed a dent on the drivers tail gate of out 2007 Tahoe and then some paint and scrapes across the bumper from the passenger side to the drivers side. There was no other car behind her or stopped near.

There was however another vehicle that was about 60 feet away towards the actual parking area that reversed about 20 feet then stopped. She then noticed the damage on that vehicle and started to walk over. Now my daughter maintains that our car never moved from where she was parked and that there was no bump or feeling that she bumped another vehicle. Person in other car starting acting erratically and called her boss to let her know that she would be later than expected because someone had hit her.

This boss came out to see what happened at which time the employee stated that if the other car had not been blocking the road she would not have had to veer over. She also refused to give us her insurance which is also state farm and was adamant that she had been hit but yet she stopped more than 40 feet away and my daughter put it right back into park immediately never leaving the grass. We did call and report the issue ourselves as we felt it was the right thing to do to make sure we were covered as the damage is not consistent with just putting the car in reverse, never leaving the grass area and the other person swearing that she never left the pavement and did not get over 5-8 mph. It seems to us that if there was still greater than 12" of grass behind our daughter there is no way she could have touched the other car just putting it in reverse.

If the other car was only doing 5-8 and my daughter put it into reverse and it rolled slightly she would have been out of the grass and the damage still does not match. I am filing a complaint because State Farm refuses to look at any option other than sorry she must have reversed and not made sure the area was clear, the other driver maintains that she only was at 5-8 mph, no car was in her way and she was so frightened she did not know to stop. This is not possible if you actually see the damage in person on both vehicles, see where daughter was parked, where car stopped, try to get the 100-125' into where daughter was parked going over speed bumps as well at 5-8mph. I tried it myself and my car stopped.

The damage on our car and the other is consistent with the other car veering to the right slightly into the grass off the pavement, scraping down our bumper(protrudes at least 6" plus 1/2" of hitch past that), catching the hitch at the door jam of her car, continuing past, popping off fan piece(pop sound daughter heard), and then scraping her mirror on our drivers side tailgate and then stopping 40+ feet past once she realized what she had done. I have requested an actual adjustor come out to the school and look at all of these things including the damage on the vehicles as well as even speak to the 2 other staff members and state farm has refused and solely places the blame on my daughter.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: claim response/resolution.

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Just pay for the damages. You are getting too stressed because of this. Your daughter ‘s car is old anyway.

Lexington, Massachusetts, United States #1323597

your daughter is lying, it's never their fault... wake up read todd did.

to Anonymous Ocoee, Florida, United States #1323638

your comment is rude and I am not a blind parent.......I blamed her first until I looked at the damage and I drove the lay out of what she said.

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