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Renewal notice stated coverage for mold and mildew damage. Claim was denied because no other covered peril was present.

Lightning had surged off air conditioner compressor; claim was still denied. Tried Insurance Commissioner--no help. Tried Better Business Bureau--no help. Tried local air conditioning company--no help.

I'm at a dead end unless someone can give me another idea. Furthermore, the adjuster lied to me by telling me he would talk to his boss about my claim but he never did so.

When I confronted him about his lie, all he would do was deny that he said he would talk to his boss. State Farm's representative are unethical.

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there is not a homeowner's insurance policy in the country that would cover mold/mildew stand alone. doesn't have anything to do with the company.

you are supposed to maintain your home.

mold is a maintenance issue. insurance is for catastrophes.

to just fyi #1118732

Did State Farm give you a raise for making this comment?

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