State Farm's policy holder made a left turn which caused an accident to the other driver that had the right of way. State farm's driver failed to yield the right of way and was on cell phone while driving.

State Farm refuse to investigate the facts but made a decision to deny my claim using statements from their policy holder and a witness. 1 witness favors state farm's driver and 1 witness favors the person with right of way. State farm ruled out witness 2 and driver with right of way.State farm denied claim stating other driver contribute to accident with speeding. If states farm driver was not distracted while talking on cell phone she would have avoided collision.

Other driver was going less than 30 mph but cop reported other driver speeding under 5mph..State farm never asked to look at damages to my car nor did they investigate the scene of the accident!! Both state farm and their policy holder and witness are dishonest.

Review about: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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We are having an issue with 21st Century their insured was charged with failure to yield right away, now they are trying to blame the other driver stating she is partially at fault. The other driver was in her proper lane my husband was sitting perfectly still and he was hit by the their insured person.

They don't want to pay us and I have been nice and kept the lowest estimate and wasn't even going to worry about the two higher ones.

This company is playing games trying to get out of paying. No one else was charged except for their insured lady so I am confused how they can tap dance around this accident and place any blame on anyone else.

to Tammie Howard Maryville, Missouri, United States #915293

Maybe I missed something, but HOW WAS THIS DRIVER INVOLVED? Did he rearend the car that was going straight??


Both I and the driver that attempted a u - turn 50 feet after turning at a from a busy intersection and slammed right into the middle of the passenger side of my car have state farm, State farm told me to fix my own car. Stating the *** who hit me stated I was in the on coming lane. State farm refused to provide me with the idiots statement.


This is a common tactic among claims adjusters. They use the cost of going to court as a deterent to stop people from pursing their claims.

I found this company called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals that specializes in settling claims with insurance companies. They were a huge help to me. They were able to collect all of my money and it was way cheaper and easier than going to court. I didn't have to take any time off of work.

No court appearances. People need to know that there are options to getting justice from these big insurance companies.


Unless the cop had a radargun on the other driver there is no way to prove speed. Even if the other driver was speeding the accident still could have been avoided if the person making the left turn was paying attention and yielding properly. The State Farm driver SHOULD NOT have attempted to make a left hand turn until it was clear to do so - No If's, And's, or But's. So in court, can State Farm prove that the other driver was speeding, where is their evidence/proof?

Take it court - State Farm needs to provide evidence that the other driver was speeding.

State Farm driver is at fault - "failure to yield right of way" - simple truth. A witness can not prove speed - unless the witness is a radar gun.

Go Get EM Make State Farm Pay Up!!!


I found this same experience. They work very hard to not even pay.

The total damage was $1,200 and they told me I would have to pay to go to court to get that. They refuse to provide any proof, drawings, or pictures- then ingnore everything I sent in.

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