State Farm canceled our homeowner's policy (after 30 years with the company & no previous claims!) because we filed a claim for a very minor dog park incident. The other dog owner agreed it was just an accident typical of 2 dogs at play with a toy & one received a small cut that needed a few stitches, but we thought we'd be "good neighbors" and offer to pay some of the vet bill.

I never should have submitted the tiny claim. Now State Farm refuses to provide us with homeowners unless we get rid of the dog. We have been treated TERRIBLY by State Farm.

Any recommendations for a better insurance company that will treat vicious dog attacks differently from very minor incidents?

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San Rafael, California, United States #625605

You are upset that State Farm is asking for you to get rid of your dog that was involved in an attack that resulted in another pet needing vet attention? First, State Farm is one of the fewer insurance companies that will insure dogs without regard to breed, they are however a conservative company and it is their right to review your policies when claims like these come in. Some companies if they will even insure you ask the same or exclude the dog.

You thought you would offer to pay? You mean you would try to not pay and try to get your insurance to foot the bill for your dog? It sounds like you we're trying to get a speedy resolution without any out of pocket expense, not impressed.

Good luck getting new insurance, most applications that allow pets ask if the dogs in the household have been involved in incidents and unfortunately will disqualify you for many top rated insurance providers in your state.

to ***fused #1005119

You turned a play injury into an attack! There is a huge difference.

to Anonymous #1005605

The poster gave you excellent advice that was exactly correct. From that advice, you took offense with the word "attack"?

A *** is a ***.

It makes no difference if it was due to defense, an attack, done during play or any other reason. The fact is your dog caused injury to another dog. You decided it was the insurance company's problem.

The insurance company decided you have a risk they don't wish to continue being exposed to. I agree with them.

Your attitude and response shows your lack of understanding of the danger and risk you bring to yourself and others by refusing to accept the risk your dog poses.

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