Frisco City, Alabama

My daughter got hit by someone insured with State Farm insurance. They are saying their insured said she wasn't at fault.

No matter what the accident report said. It's been 3 weeks an they still haven't done anything. 1st wk they said question of liability 2nd wk don't have a accident report(which I had to email to them) 3rd week back to saying question of liability( need to talk to trooper about accident) These people will give you the run around DON'T return phone calls.

I know they don't want to pay but if their insured person is at fault they should with no problems. I have been without vehicle all this time.

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State Farm is notorious for this type of treatment. I can tell you from personal experience.

State Farm gave me the run around for months stating that they were "investigating" the loss. I kept asking them what they needed so I could help provide it but they refused to tell me. Finally, they told me they were denying my claim because of conflicting stories even though the police put the other driver at fault. They told me to sue them if I didn't agree.

No lawyer would take the case but I was able to find this company on this website called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals. People had said that they helped them get recover in these types of situations. I checked them out and they had pretty good reviews.

They were able to recover my damages and I didn;t have to go to court. They may be able to help you.

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Thats why you get full coverage, file the claim on your policy, then State Farm gets sued by your company. The person who hit your daughter is paying State Farm to protect them.

If the person is lying, the company has no choice but to protect their customer.

If there is enough evidence, they will have no choice but to pay. In the meantime, you wait.

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