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I received a notice via mail yesterday that State Farm is dropping my condominium owners insurance policy due to claim activity. In the past year, we had a series of thefts from our garage which were reported to police and state farm. On one occasion, in cooperation with the police department I was able to find and recover my stolen items I found for sale online, and informed and mailed State Farm back the money.

In addition, in over 10 years with State Farm, I have never had to make any claims against our two insured cars or any other claims against my homeowners policies.

As such, I am deeply offended and angered by State Farm dropping my policy. I feel this shows a blatant disregard for mitigating factors out of my control, and a lack of faithfulness to a good customer. I will be cancelling all my policies with State Farm and going elsewhere, unless you are able to make this right by restoring my policy.

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Quite frankly, the insurance companies are based on fraud.They claim to be "a good neighbor" or whatever other ridiculous slogan they can come up with, but, do everything in their power to not provide the service they are selling.

Everything is wonderful as long as you are paying their fees with no requirement for the service you are paying for. Everything changes when you actually require the service you have been paying for. State Farm was called out to our home to assess damage from ice dams. This was one claim on one roof on our one home, but, State Farm split this into 2 claims based on their own technical ***.

They then used that as the basis to drop our homeowner's policy after 8 years with no claims up until that point.

Really??Sounds like our "good neighbor" isn't so good after all.


To Btb: Insurance is designed to help you recover from a devastaing financial loss or catastrophe.It is no way designed as a maintenance agreement nor is it there to handle numerous small claims.

(I shared the statistics with you as to what is considered above average or high risk). Yes, carry a large deductible and pocket the savings. Use your savings to pay your little claims. Otherwise suffer the consequences as you clearly are currently doing.

I am in the insurance industry and have been for over 24 years.

I'm trying to offer you solid advice.Take it or leave it.


Why have insurance at all then Observer?Seems like you might be an insider at SF?!

Pay everything $2500 and under is ridiculous, we might as well be self-insured and get a discount for everything over $2500 policy then.Pretty *** statement.


Insurance coverage is based on risk.You stated you had a "series of thefts".

Statistically, homeowners have one claim every ten years. If you had more than two losses in a ten year time frame, you pose a larger than normal risk to the insurance company, any insurance company. You are going to find it costly and difficult to find another insurer who will want to take on the risk you pose. Also, keep in mind, it may not be your "fault" that a loss occurred, but you always have the choice NOT to involve the insurance company.

Don't ever turn in a claim that amounts to less than $2,500.It will only come back to you in the form of rate increases or, after a "series" of them, cancellation.


I'm not at all surprised by your experience.


They are so so wonderful. sorry guys i guess that is want they want me to say. this site a joke


State Farm is not like it used to be. We had wind hit our roof they sent some one out, they was dumb for us.

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