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Because my agent at farm bureau failed to have me sign a form allowing automatic withdrawal from my checking account. I was dropped which caused a flag on my license.

They had already deducted automatically twice. When I informed them that I would be going elsewhere for insurance they said if I dropped the insurance with them the fine would be $250 but if I stayed with them it would only be $50. Something sounds fishy to me.

Very unprofessional. If there was a way for them to fix the mistake and save me $200 dollars they should have offered it in the first place considering it was due to a mistake by their agents.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #632161

First, you should never allow anyone to automatically take funds from your bank account. Dangerous.

Second, it is your responsibility to monitor whether or not the premiums were being paid.

You can usually access your bank account online. You apparently just "assumed" "All was Sir Garnet."

I suspect the "fine" they are talking about is from the state and because you would be or are without auto insurance for a time and they are the ones to fine you for not having auto insurance.

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