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The agent I worked for delayed claims so it didn’t “go against her stats.” ONLY cares about claims if it's the OTHER company at fault. She's bilingual, ONLY assisted foreigners which is unfair & discriminating. We called people for “reviews” ONLY those who don’t have LIFE INSURANCE to sell. If they came in they waited 1 hour to see her & 1-3 hrs in her office as she stumbled through the pc systems & calling 800#'s to assist her. Very disrespectful of people's time. I saw rates go up unfairly to customers plus extra charges. Refused to hire “black people” ONLY hires Christians. In my interview she asked what my religion was, if I had children, That is ILLEGAL. She argues & preaches at customers if they admit not being Christian. She told one customer he deserved to die & go to *** b/c he is HIV+ & a *** Would use God’s name and religious words to sell to Christians, who are gullible.

She didnt know how to do any computerized work (only 1 old school system, slowly) & refuses to learn. Staff assisted her.

Customers ONLY called the office manager & went in her office for problems. A lot of customers hung-up the phone w/ agent, she would call back telling them how rude they were. She argued w/ 1 customer about Life Insurance Laws. The customer used to sell Life Insurance & KNOWS the rules which the office manager advised the agent she was incorrect.

The reason customers DON’T cancel b/c they are loyal to the brand & in 1 yr 2 staff reported her to State Farm Corp, Labor Board, & the State Gen. Insurance Commissioner for fraud on lying on customers applications. What happened?….nothing. My boss’s boss boss came, had a nice chat, ate lunch, called his wife on speaker & went on his merry way. He lied for her, no investigation whatsoever. He acted as a lawyer on behalf of her & StateFarm. That is why I wouldn’t waste my time reporting her. We had several staff process quotes, change coverages all while NOT licensed. which is illegal.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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State Farm is a total lying rip off of a company. The government needs to shut them down for bad faith and very bad business practices.


Sounds like you got fired?

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