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I have had State Faor Auto ins for ov 20 years. I have been very good about making pmts, and am now in Fla almost 7 yrs.

I found ut about 2 weeks ago that my agents office has been taking y premium pmts and not applying them to my car since 10/12! I thought it had to be a mistake, but they have refused to discuss it except to say that I am not insured and haven't been for a long time. They insist I never came in to transfer info, but I had and the claims dept concurs with me. So, I have paid premims for 11 mths that went nowhere.

My agent and StFarm in general refuse to refund e. I have made over 100 calls and been verbally abused. My agent called the police on me. I now have a claim to file for damage to my vehicle, but I couldn't get my agents office to take my mt recent pmt...hung up on me, stating they are getting me cancelled.

Today spoke to an adjuster...creepy...she had researched my life, told me about my friend, told me I needed meds and a Dr, threatened to call my sister to have me committed and knew her name and started talking about my past career. She knew where I lived and threatened to involve others. Very frightening!

This i how state Fm works. Oh-she also lied and stated she was in the legal dept, which she isn't...I will win this one!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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We have had similar issues with State Farm, so much so that we are starting a campaign to file Class Action against them ...

please connect with us at "StateFarmClassAction2013@gmail.com"


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