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Everyone who experienced last year hail should read this story.

Today, for the forth time since the hail storms last July, a State Farm insurance adjuster visited my house. By now all surrounding roofs have been replaced except mine.

The first time I put in a claim State Farm sent an adjuster that never physically got on the roof. He inspected the roof from the driveway. I thought he must have some kind of secret device to see hail damage from a distance.

After complaining about the adjustor to my State Farm insurance agent they sent

the same gentleman back to my house- Eric. This time he met with my contractor. As we know by now, Eric is not a fan of roofs. After 5 minutes on the roof and a little sprinkle of rain he decided to call it quits. Eric, visibly irritated stated, “I'm out of here I'm not going to risk my life.” So our “friendly” adjuster who had a bad day, and was clearly not as friendly as the State Farm insurance commercials depicts, left without rescheduling. Later in the week I received a letter stating that my claim was denied.

This spring I contacted State Farm insurance with a request to reopen my claim. They agreed to send an adjuster to look at my roof. Our “friendly” insurance adjuster (who was not so friendly) showed up again with a woman. I assumed the woman was another adjuster from the insurance company.

At least the woman was willing to climb on my roof. When they showed up the roof was very wet and not safe to climb- I wonder what their liability insurance would say if they saw them climbing a steep wet roof. My roofer insisted on rescheduling the inspection of my roof. During this visit I told the woman that Eric the “friendly” adjuster is no longer welcome at my house.

Forth and final visit to date. The woman showed up alone- without Eric the “friendly” adjuster who is not so friendly. She met with my roofer. Now she contends that hail never hit my house and all of the people who were on my roof and took pictures of my damaged roof are lying.

I think I know what happened. A magical umbrella opened up over my house - and only over my house - to protect my house from hail. Unfortunately, the magical umbrella in the sky was not big enough to cover our cars and save them from hail damage. In the alternative, maybe it was not hail after all but a meteoroid hit them. Does State Farm insurance think we are ***? Are you kidding me?

Come Tuesday I'm contacting an attorney. Two different roofers and one independent source (with nothing to gain) told me I have roof damage caused by hail.

At this time I'm thinking about all the people who did not proceed with their claims- especially elderly people who still think that insurance companies are working for them. Did I mention that they dropped all my policies by now?

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