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We got a call from a very "nice" lady from State Farm who was concerned about our problems with their In Drive mess. She said she would look into the problems we had and make sure that in the future everything would be spelled out clearly in standard English. We shall see.

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We have had State Farm for years and have been satisfied with them until now. Their new In Drive programs is unworthy of the State Farm name.

We called to ask a question of In Drive and were asked for a credit card number. When we asked why they needed a credit card for a program that was supposed to be free for one year the woman said" in case the device is lost or stolen." OK, maybe. Well, today we got an email stating that we were being billed 32.44 every 6 months! We will only be saving 5% of our car insurance bill with the device plugged in.

DUHHHHH. And they will then know every time you brake, how far you drive and when, ho fast you go, etc. Not worth the savings or the aggravation. Just thought people should know.

We cancelled all the In Drive stuff and though we were told we could drop the garbage off at our agent, when we signed up, no one wants to take it and we have to wait for a "return box" to arrive in the mail. Some days are like this, I just hope this is the end of the story.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Location: Hyde Park, New York

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I got the module in the mail and plugged it in. all was fie for about two months then I stopped at a convenience store on the way to work, when I came out the truck would not start.

I had to call a cab to get to work and a tow truck to take my truck to the shop. The shop could find no codes so I paid the bill and took the truck home. 3 weeks later the same thing happened again, cab fare, tow bill and shop fees. No codes found on truck.

I picked up the truck the second time and drove about 12 miles and stopped to pay a bill, the truck would not start again. I waited about half an hour but it still would not start so I pulled the module and it started right up.

The next week I get an E-mail stating that I was about to be taken out of the program because my module was not plugged in. I called the 877 number from the E-mail and spoke to a rep and he agreed to send a new module to me, then transferred me to customer service the lady there took my complaint and request to be repaid for my out of pocket expenses and sent it to corporate. the next day I get a call from a lady at corporate and she stated the module only has a 30 day warrantee and the company would not repay any expenses, she also kicked me out of the program and refused to send the replacement module as I had filed a complaint and if the module caused an accident they did not want to be responsible.

She demanded that I return the module and I told her my lawyer would return the module and a copy of my expenses.

At that time she got really rude and I hung up on her.

All of this for a 2% discount on my premiums.



And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.


My car parked I was not in it! It was a hit and run !

Never had so much trouble with agent and claims long wait times!

Forced to go to their provider ! No more !


State Farm is sad and filled with woe

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what is this person even rattling on about? makes no sense at all.


I agree


No savings at all. Here's where they make their money.

When you cancel and send all the garbage back, they claim items are missing and try to collect $100. 50 times any savings you ever achieved.


I was about to sign up but wondered why they wanted my credit card. It seemed fishy.

After reading this review I will definitely return the device andthe 10 dls check.

I ddon't see any discount worth the aggravation. Thank you!


Sounds a lot like what Dish Network put me through...


Didn't find value in In-Drive. Not worth the hassle.

Even after canceling subscription and returning hardware In-Drive has charged my credit card again a year later.

Keep your records so you can dispute the charges from these unorganized bozo's. - Disappointed State Farm Customer.


I LOVE having Statefarm as my insurance provider; That being said, I was quite disappointed in the Drive Safe and Save program. I received my communicator and visor clip a week after my policy with Statefarm started (without a Quickstart guide, mind you), plugged the device in and charged the visor clip.

About a week after that, while I thought everything was fine and dandy, I received an email saying I needed to plug in my device... Okay... So upon calling In-Drive support I was directed to someone who helped me re-set up the account and got my device running. Great!

Until about a week later when I received yet another email about my device not being connected. So again, I call customer support, who were all very kind and trying to help so I don't place the blame on any one person. But needless to say, customer service sent me to technical support where the gentleman reset my device. It was said to be transmitting and everything worked, even the hands free device.

Wouldn't you know a week later I get an email saying they canceled my account as per my request (a request I had not made) I'm assuming due to 'my device not being plugged in'. So I said whatever, I'm not dealing with this anymore, I'll just send it back; The hassle is really not worth the 5% it was saving off the bat. As a side note my agent then informed me that the device is really not worth putting the effort into as I am a younger person and the people that save the most using this is the older folk who drive to the grocery store once a week and don't drive any other time.

As stated above, I have loved having Statefarm, love my agent, but In-drive needs some work. NOT worth the back and forth phone calls for the 5%.


We had four cars on our account and it was disaster. First, I believe State Farm is intentionally increasing the initial rates in order to show a big savings if you select In-Drive.

Why? Because our rates didn't change after we dropped the free trial even though the In-Drive dashboard claimed we should get a big reduction. Next - It was extremely difficult to cancel. Even though I cancelled via the State Farm agent AND multiple phone calls to them, they still got it wrong and charged me for a renewal.

In fact, I was charged for a renewal AFTER I returned the equipment to them. Then they only gave a partial refund, prorating the charge from the time of my last call. Had to escalate two levels to get a full refund. Getting the equipment returned was another bad experience that required multiple calls to get right.

When I didn't receive the return boxes after cancelling the service, I called. They said they hadn't processed because they needed an address confirmation. Then they only processed one of the four cars - received one box. Another call - assured it was taken care of.

No boxes. Another call. Finally got boxes for the last three and returned equipment.

Then got charged for the renewal! At least they didn't charge me the $100 per car for the equipment - that's about the only thing they got right!

State Farm needs to ditch this company.


Your rates didn't change? You're lucky.

You got the discounts, but couple that with the multiple state-wide rate increases, you stayed the same. Without the device, you would have seen significant increases in premium, so, it did save you money.


I was charged after the free trial. I received no paper or email stating the trial was up, and my card would be charged.

I called the same day the charge posted, to cancel, and was told I would receive a partial refund, which I am still waiting for, because I didn't call on the day the renewal was activated. How could I call the 4 days prior to cancel, when I had no idea it was renewing?

I was told that I should have taken notice of when it renews a year ago, when I signed up, and that they don't owe the customer a reminder. Absolutely ridiculous.


Quote from the comment below: "The In Drive program is an absolute disaster and a HUGE waste of time". It would be great if you could explain what went wrong, i.e.

why it is a disaster, as I am considering this program based on the offer from my insurance provider. Thanks.


The In Drive program is an absolute disaster and a HUGE waste of time!!! I made the mistake of agreeing to try it and ended up with endless headaches.

I decided to return the device (another HUGE hassle) rather than use it, and phone calls to In Drive were nothing but painful.

Spoke to a supervisor, Will, who clearly shouldn't be in a supervisory position.

If you are considering this program, RUN fast and far!!! After many years with State Farm, I am now looking for new car insurance after this nightmare!

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