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I live in a rule area, I pay state farm $5,000.00 a year.On 5/13/14 a person back into my car in a parking lot, my car wasn't damaged.

When I got ready to leave the parking lot the person asked if she could call some one it was ok. The person arrived shortly I explained what happened and that my car was not damaged as I'm leaving the person said" look at her door I explained she hit me, her damages is to her drivers side door underneath her side view mirror my car would have been severely damaged and she would have no mirror cause my car would have broken it off before the body of my car could connect to hers and it still would not leave that type of damage. We traded info I took pictures and also I called state farm, advise them of what happened the person asked if I was filing a claim I answered no I have no damages he advise me then don't worry. The next day I get call from state farm, the other person filed a claim I was so surprised but not worried.

I thought state farm would investigate and also look at the pictures which was a no brainer, but the State farm believed her story and I had all the proof I begged them several times to send and adjuster out to view the facts. I also went to the local office they advise me they could do nothing unless the main office gave them the ok, it seems the people in my local office is intelligent to sell the insurance but not capable of anything else. The pictures were very clear my car look like a brand new car not one scratch,her car was all beat up. Because, I live in a rural area, they would not send an adjuster this far, they didn't tell me this when I insured my 3 cars and house they work more for the complainant and her company not taking the proof of my photos.

State farm doesn't work for the consumer, they set on their *** in a big office raping the consumer just like a politician. They allowed this person to set up an accident to get her prior damages, she damages she caused to her car fixed and it worked.

Do not waste your money believing in this company when you need them to fight for you their not there.

Review about: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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File a complaint with the DOI and request the claim be sent to your insurer's fraud department. Could be the other person is a professional scam artist.


I stopped liking state farm for their lousy customer service.I was a returning customer, and they didn't even remember me, when I was interested in car insurance, not giving me a preferred rate.

Then, later on, they ripped off a lot of homeowners affected by a hurricane, and said they would not honor their claims.. And, I vowed never to do business with them just hearing about that.

And, once when I was claiming against state farm, years ago, they were just plain rude, and domineering about a car I owned that was hit by another.So, state farm, can go suck an egg for all I care...

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