I've been a customer of State Farm for at least 5 years now and have paid them THOUSANDS of dollars for auto insurance. I am now a single mother and building a business and cannot always pay them on time.

I was only 39 days late AND THEY REPORTED ME TO THE STATE OF MI! and will note take my money to re-instate. UNACCEPTABLE.

I am not a criminal.

If HUGE corporations like B of A and HONDA don't treat me this way, who the F...k do they think they are DUMPING customers NOT LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR like me to the curb,.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

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We were just 9 days late and sent a letter threatening to terminate our policy! Good grief.

They are behind paying me replacement services for injuries sustained, and decided that I no longer needed help after a cervical dissection and said I all better despite what my doctors have said. They stopped paying as of April 2013.

Richardson, Texas, United States #603401

Just 39 Day's Late.Like that's nothing.WTF Did you think they were going to do?Pay the BILL FOR YOU.You are a ***.No Complaint what so ever.What if you had,Had an accident?Would you have had the nerve to ask "Wait (39)Day's and I will see what i can come up with.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #602696

generally you have MAYBE 22 days to make a late payment and that is by grace from many companies... Can you get a gallon of milk from walmart and say ima pay you next month?> same with buying your car.

you mentioned honda? mhmm last i checked they repo cars if you are late.

In regards to your cancelation LAW IS LAW. no insurance company can bend rules.


Clearly, you do not understand how the law works. It is ILLEGAL to drive without insurance in your state.

ALL insurance companies are required, BY LAW, to report your cancellation. You will be fined and if you fail to pay your fines, your license will be suspended. That's not the insurance company's fault, honey. It's yours.

Pay on time and be very happy that you didn't hit someone while you were cancelled. You may have lost everything.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #598890

Gee whiz! Over a month late and they cancelled you .

Big surprise. Pay your bills on time and it won't happen.

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