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I purchased a auto/renters policy with State Farm back in 09. The guy we purchased the policy from seemed like a legit person and was being completely honest with us.

The auto policy has been great, up till now I never had use for the renters but I have paid into it for all these years. We were told when we purchased the policy should there be a chance the car gets broken in to anything in the car that is stolen would be covered in the renters policy. Well this month our car was broken into and our personal property was stolen. I reported the loss to State Farm and they say to me the items are not covered in the policy.

Well that's not what they said initially when the policy was purchased. They have no problem taking the money but are not willing to pay out when it comes time to do so.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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The reason they are not paying is because they said CD's are not covered in a policy. Which I find to be misleading.

I was specifically told that everything in my car would be covered regardless. javascript:ac_smilie(':(')

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Sorry for your loss. Yes your renters policy should cover your personal property stolen off of your vehicle.

Maybe the reason they are not paying it has to do with your deductible being more than the loss sustained.

That is the only reason I can think of for them not paying the claim. Please always make sure you know what your deductibles are and how much coverage you are paying for cause then you are end up with unpleasant surprises such as these.

Take Care


What I was told is the items in the car that were taken were not covered, but had they been in the house and taken it would have been a complete different story. The fact of the matter is whether they were in my house or car if I have the insurance they should be covered.

And that's where I feel that I was lied to.

I was told it doesn't matter what the item is if it's stolen from your vehicle it will be covered. And now they say when I need it covered they won't do it.javascript:ac_smilie(':(') javascript:ac_smilie(':(') :( :(


What state are you in? As an insurance agent in Texas, I can only tell you how this work in Texas since Insurance rules and regs vary state to state.

Auto insurance covers the auto, renters is for your personal belongings-books, clothes, etc. with limitations for money, jewelry, etc. What I would do is contact State Farm claims office-look at your paperwork, there should be a 1-800 number) and file a claim.

If they tell you it is not covered, tell them you want an adjuster to tell you that. That way if they deny it, they have to send you a letter telling you why it was denied.

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Comprehensive coverage will cover the stolen vehicle or damages made. Your personal property is never covered under Car insurance it is covered under renters or homeowners.


your renter's policy absolutely should cover your personal property in your vehicle, contact somebody else in the office!


I have all the insurance policies I needed for a claim like this. They are just refusing to pay the claim.


This is what say all the time: Read, Read, Read that contract! Don't believe the *** at the counter, they'll do and say anything to make the sale!

The contract is what they will hold you to.

So read it and understand! Keep the contract with you as well, you never know when you must read it again to clarify!


It is my understanding that you need to have comprehensive added to your auto policy in order to claim break-in losses, not from your homeowners policy. Perhaps you misunderstood.

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