I have faithfully been paying auto insurance premiums to S F for the past 38 consecutive years and added my homeowners insurance 2 years ago. Would have added homeowners sooner, but they wouldn't cover my basement due to sump pump until recent years.

Anyway, we had a very minor claim this year and just received notice of non-renewal one month before the policy expires but after I had just paid up the auto insurance for our 3 cars(how convenient).

The letter states that because of this claim, "This insurance coverage is no longer acceptable to S____ F___ Fire and Casualty company" I find it "no longer acceptable" that a company happily takes my insurance premiums for 38 years, but when you need them you are dropped like a hot potato. Sad, very sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Homeowners Insurance.

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You made a claim within the first two years of having your homeowners policy. The average homeowner has one claim every 17 years.

You're a high risk for future claims.

Your auto policy has no relationship to your homeowner policy. State Farm Mutual Auto Company and State Farm Fire and Casualty Company are separate companies. Yes, you're given a discount for having both, but the risk is weighed separately.

Your due date for premiums on your auto policy was determined by you. The fact your homeowners policy renewed near your auto policy payment date is not related in the least.

A company chooses not to renew your policy before the renewal date of your policy and it becomes effective at the renewal date. It has nothing to do with your other policies.

Basically, homeowners insurance is not a profitable business. Companies don't tolerate claims which occur within the first year or two of coverage.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #860776

Wondering generally what type of claim was it .I have heard of a black list of not to claim on home Insurance.


State Farm or as we refer to them here in the Northeast after Sandy, "Rape Farm" should be fined so heavily that it would put them out of business forever. The money from the fines could be distributed among-st the homeowners that got raped by them so they can get their lives back on track.

How this company is allowed to operate in this country the way they do points to how the people in power who could do something about them very easily don't and are therefore corrupt as well.


I'm so sorry to hear your experience with State Farm Insurance. They treated me horribly too.

My husband and I are 29 year customers, and we have never submitted a house or car claim. They took a credit check on us, and we have suffered hardship due to medical bills. My husband and I are superior drivers...we have never had an accident in our entire lifetimes ever . .

. . .our lowered credit score has nothing to do with our outstanding driving record and all of the business we have given them in all of the past years. Our money is as good as a rich man's.

From what I've read, like you said,....State Farm Insurance drops you anyway as soon as you file a claim.

They are worthless. State Farm is listed on the top ten worst insurance companies. Even though State Farm threw me into a tailspin...I know, from you and others, they would have dropped me anyway . .

.if something had gone wrong.

You and I will continue to spread the word about their toxic treatment of life-long customers. If we can save one new customer from State Farm, it will be well worth it.

Take good care! Your friend

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