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I have had one claim in all the years State Farm covered my home(since 1998). It upsets me that because of that, they have chosen to non-renew my policy.

Are all insurance companies the same?

My claim was less than 10K for water damage due to sump pump failure. More than 6K went to the clean-up company, the remainder to replace the carpets.

In all fairness, the agents I dealt with were very kind and helpful, but I fail to understand the reasoning behind the non-renewal. I have insuance to protect me against loss, but I guess if the insuance company doesn't make enough money they drop you.

I guess they should change their ad to State Farm is there...once!

I hate having to deal with a new person who doesn't know me.

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All insurane companies are not the same, I had insurane with State Farm and after collecting payment for five years they cancelled me after only one minor claim. I have spoke with others who had the same experience with State Farm. My advice never do business with them, they are in the money collection business only


They are all about the same, but I am surprised that they just didn't raise your deductible as they did my MIL on hers a driver ran into the garage and tore it up and damaged the car in side. He had no insurance and they raised her deductible because of it. Go figure.

Allgood, Alabama, United States #268261

Yeah...they're all about the same.

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