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Dear State Farm,

I am unfortunately a neighbor of a state farm agent, for the last 2 years I've been here, we haven't had a day without her complaining about something, I don't think that State Farm is a good neighbor, they've called OSHA on us, which the case was dismissed, being an agent of State farm with all this attitude it makes your company look really bad, somebody has to do something about it, personally I wouldn't let somebody like this presenting my company!!!

I think that all agents are suppose to be checked on once in a while.

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They personally attacked my life and my mother's life. What do you mean "by personal attacks" will be deleted?

My account is going to be up close and personal. No names will be spared to protect the guilty little rascals that participated in this ugly scenario.

I'm putting my real name here. Why should I not put theirs?


Just because thw company logo says "good neighbor" doesnt mean the practice extends to one's personal life. You never said why they called OSHA.

Must have been a good reason if they actually investigated. You are being a bit ridiculous making a company slogan a criteria for a personal issue.

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