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During hurrican Sandy, the wind was so bad it lifted my front porch roof up and pulled the adhesive from all 4 support posts. As a result one of the posts moved completely off the porch and now the other 3 are starting to move.

State Farm said that because the posts hadn't moved yet, that was prevention. If the other posts had moved then, they would cover it, they dragged their feet for 5 months and now the problem they could have fixed easily is now snowballing they refuse to pay for the damage.

State Farm looked for loop holes to get out of paying for any of the damage done to my home related to Sandy.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #600477

I think you should check your dates and maybe you story would hold more credibility. At this point with me you have none.

If State Farm dragged their feet for five months as you stated, Hurricane Sandy would have hit your area (Virginia) in August 2012. Sandy was not even a storm yet. Sandy hit the Jersey coast on October 29th,30th &31st of 2012. Which means it would have hit your area approx few days earlier, in October.

Less than three months ago. Not creditable in my book.

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