I met a State Farm agent name Secou Mann. He worked out of the Brooklyn NY location about 4yrs ago.

He told me if I paid a deposit of $800 my monthly payments for my BMW will only be $60 per month and I will have full coverage. I believed him and paid the money. About a month later I was in an accident hit and run car damaged. When I called statefarm I was informed I only had liability.

I spoke to the owner nice guy named Allen Wheeler and told him what happened he informed me Secou was fired and he helped me with my car. I just found out that Secou Mann works for State Farm again this time in Atlanta ga.

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I mean you no offense...a recurrent theme I find in these complaints is that people say they were "told" things vs. they read it in the policy.

You are sent an original copy so that you can read it and check it.You get a new one every renewal. They are not that difficult to read...actually your overages are probably on your POI card too.

If someone misled you...that sucks however consumers have rights AND responsibilities.

(You are right Mr. SM is still on SF Payroll)

Clinton, Maryland, United States #658567

...and you believed him?

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