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got robbed and the adjuster is ripping me off by making me get a receipt from a credit card that was stolen and closed by discover so the account cant be researched. Since I cant get a receipt they are saying they will not pay me for property that was stolen. They will take your money every month but try to get a settlement from them and you will go thru *** till your so pissed off that you pray horrible things will happen to them.If you better service from an insurance company then I would go to satan and atleast you'll know in advance your going to get burned

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Columbia, Missouri, United States #690515

well,I guess all the cuss and fuss finally paid off. State Farms claims dept supervisor called me this morning and we did a conference call with the credit card company.

They told State Farm exactly what I had told them several times in the past month. Even the letter that I had faxed to the claims rep. from the credit card company from the very beginning said the exact same thing word for word.

so don't try to tell me that the insurance industry wont try to break it off in your *** if you let them. If I had not fought, yelled and bitched I would not have gotten paid for my what was stolen from me.

to Anonymous #690552

You still just don't get it. The insurance company got on the phone with the credit card company because they were trying to HELP you.

They don't just take your word for it or a piece of paper that you could have written and made up yourself. Talking with the credit card company was official proof of the item you were claiming. You didn't have to act ridiculous, cuss and fight to get your way, you just had to provide proof, which in the end, the company did FOR YOU by calling the credit card company directly.

Bottom line, they weren't going to just take your word for it. Get it yet?


my state farm agent explained it to me this way. When you are robbed or your house is burnt to the ground and you loose all your *** that you have worked all your life to get.

You DO NOT have to have a receipt for every item that you own. Do you have a receipt for the dishes, silverware, toiletpaper, dvd's, pictures, books, fingernail clippers, toothbrush, etc. that you own? of course not!

so the insurance company has to take you at your word. so guess what ashole. I was honest with the insurance company about what I lost, I did not say I lost 22,000.00 when I only lost 8,000.00.

Your probably an Insurance adjuster yourself. I hope you get robbed ***.

to Anonymous #688645

No, not an adjuster, a State Farm agent. Your agent was correct.

You do not have to prove you owned regular household items such as toothbrushes, fingernail clippers, toilet paper. However, you do need to prove you owned other personal property that is considered valuable, an unusual item or considered above average in cost. There are limits. You never stated what your item was.

That's makes a difference. Your agent should have explained that to you. Maybe your agent is new. I've been around over 24 years helping those who have suffered these type of losses.

Your anger is still misdirected. Based on your language and your attitude, I don't expect you to understand this simple concept.

to Observer Columbia, Missouri, United States #689784

well maybe my pissed of anger is coming to the attention of the right person, I got a phone call from my claims adjusters supervisor who tells me I have done all I can to satisfy the claims adjuster and it will be taken care of to my satisfaction. so don't give up with these people who are trying to make themselves look good to impress their managers.

I don't have to prove anything to state farm. you just have to keep bugging the *** out of them till they see your not going to give in and sign off with the crappy settlement.

I will get what is owed to me. I'm not asking for anything else.

to Anonymous #689819

It would have been handled correctly anyway. You don't have to act like a fool to be paid accordingly.

Actually, if you would have been nicer in the beginning, I bet your claim would have been settled quicker. Companies don't pay just because you scream, yell, cuss and stomp your feet.


Any company can insure you for anything, but the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the customer. Insurance companies don't pay if you can't prove you had something.

If that ever changes, there won't be any insurance companies left in the world.

Think about it. Your anger is misdirected.

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