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My son was hit by a school bus in another county. The bus came from a dead stop and pull in behind my son and hit his trailer.

The crossing guard said she had her hand up stopping traffic. Everyone for the school got together and made their story the same and my son had 3 people with him say that the traffic guard didn't have her hand up stopping traffic. The police officer didn't issue a ticket saying no one was at fault however State Farm rulled my son was at fault. I ask can a bus be at a dead stop waiting for traffic to clear, let the truck go by and pull out hitting the trailer being pulled by the truck and it not be his fault.

The cop stated that no one was at fault and the insurance companies would have to sort it out. State Farm had insurance on both vehicles. My local agent agreed with me that the bus never saw the trailer, but I was told that he has no input in the claim at all. Doesn't sound like a "Good Neighbor" to me.

I have been with State Farm for 34 years with very little claims so don't think they won't *** also. We have been fighting this for over a month and now I have been told this is final to get a layer if i want to go any further. Like I would get a layer to fight a $2000 claim. I am now searching for another insurance carrier and would advise everyone with State Farm to do the same.

Don't think that just because you know your agent real well and you have been with them a long time that they won't ***. I have a good comercial for any other insurance company titled "How State Farm Will ***".

They don't mind taking your money, but heaven forbid you put in a claim. I think what pissed me off more than anything is my agent agrees I am getting screwed and can't do anything about it.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #629418

Someone hit the passenger side of my truck. I have the good guy "full coverage policy" with state farm

State farm rep. calls me 3 days into the repair and says "we found existing damage to the right side your your claiming, so we will need more out of pocket from you...............

B.S. I dont see anywhere in my policy to ream the client more $$$ other than my 5000 deductible!

I call the shop and they say we never told them that............

Will keep you posted...


Hi there, Yeah state farm is screwing me as well. Their insured rear ended my car & forced me into the car in front of me-sandwiched & whiplashed.

My car was declared a total loss b/c it was was over $6,000 & frame damage (the passenger doors wouldn't open & close properly). All that money was gone for the car that was in my family since it was brand new, I couldn't work & lost my apartment & had to move in with family. Anyway, I sustained spinal injuries from the accident for which they're denying responsibility for b/c I a history of prior injuries. This injury was completely different & my medical records are extensive & proved I had no prior history of this spinal injury.

So I may need surgery in the future & I've paid a lot of money out of pocket for some expensive procedures. On top of that their insured person lied & said I hit the car in front of me first & that someone caused her to hit me. She was trying to avoid responsibility from the beginning. So their insured lied & then on top of that State Farm refused to accept full responsibility for my injuries for which I'm still treating for 3.5 yrs later.

I'm settling the case b/c it's pointless to drag this out & force myself to go before a judge & jury as if I'm a criminal. It was her fault 100% & the guy I hit also claimed it was her fault. It's terrible & I'm reporting them to the Dept of insurance. They sent me to their doctor in another county,who also lied & misrepresented my case, stating I should've been fine 1 mth after my accident.

I was still having problems walking 2 mths after my accident, in rehab & one of the docs diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia for the ongoing nerve weakness & pains for about 4 months after the accident I was in treatment. I now have a torn disc (which was herniated from the accident & bulging disc below that one). I've been dealing with leg weakness, spinal pain & a list of nerve problems. Yet Sate Farm refuses to acknowledge that I was injured in the car accident.

I had sustained prior injuries & had 2 thoracic surgeries prior to this accident & they're trying to say I was already injured & this accident did nothing.

This accident screwed me up & messed up my life in a bad way on many levels. State farm is unethical & I hope the Dept of Ins nails them!

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