I have been having issues with State Farm for months. There always seems to be something wrong on our account.

We recently got a new car, in July. We called our agent, Sean Whitehead, and informed him of this purchase and had him put the car on the account under full coverage (because it's a new vehicle). Our monthly payment to State Farm has been a different amount EVERY month and always comes out of the bank on a different day. We always get our updated insurance cards via email (after calling three times about it not coming in the mail), and we always have to give them the correct mailing address.

About a week ago, a rock hit the windshield on the brand new car and put a small crack in it.

This is supposed to be covered under my insurance to get it fixed. I called Sean Whitehead, and he tells me that the car is not under full coverage. Excuse me? It's a brand new car, and we TOLD you to put it under full coverage when we BOUGHT it.

It's SUPPOSED to be under full coverage. My fiancé talked to him that same day, and found out that we were being overcharged because they had our address in Houston. We have NEVER lived in Houston. There was also an Acura on our account, and we have never owned an Acura.

We verified that he was looking at the right account by restating our names and the policy number on our insurance card. After fighting with him to correct all of our incorrect information, I find out a few days later that Sean Whitehead refuses to fix my windshield because my car was not under full coverage at the time that the incident occurred. EXCUSE ME?! Sean Whitehead was the one who did not put my car under full coverage, NOT me.

We had requested our car be put under full coverage the day that we got the car, 5-6 months ago.

Overall, I have been overcharged, had the wrong address and extra cars on my account, and my representative has not only NOT fixed these matters, but refuses to cover my windshield damage because my car was not under full coverage at the time of the incident, a mistake that HE made, not me. Sean Whitehead is a horrible representative of State Farm, and I am looking for insurance elsewhere, because this is ridiculous and terrible customer service.

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