State Farm charges a $3.00 service charge for quarterly paid payments.

If you go paperless they still charge the fee.

If they have 4 million customers paying this way, that's 12 million dollars a quarter extra revenue for them.

I say that's the cost of doing business. Give us a break, why do these companies use these tactics to increase their bottom line at our expense.

These charges are used on all their payment plans and generate millions of extra dollars with no break for the consumer. They should be glad to have our business and eliminate these excessive charges.

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Bellflower, California, United States #1206289

This post is old as dirt but it's so *** that statefarm charges a 3.00 service fee any time they "service your account" i.e. I move from Brentwood to Glendale and boom my account is hit with 3 easy payments 19.16 plus the 3.00 service fee for each month of the 19.16 charge. I understand they think the new area is probably more crime infested ( had a locked trek madone and a gated motorcycle stolen in Brentwood) but I have yet to see.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #769494

Maybe they should charge you a finance charge for providing you coverage, up front and allowing you to pay for that up front coverage 3 months later (quarterly)? Would that make you happier?

Geez! Insurance company gives you free financing and you're complaining about a billing charge. Those people who prepare and process your bills don't work for free!

Here's an idea...pay your entire bill up front when you get the coverage and there will be NO billing charges. How about that for a solution???


Just noticed a charge of $24.95 X 3 on my bank account from where i dropped off three payments for three of my vehicles. All policies were in good standing.

I don't understand these charges.

Charge reads "automated paid fee". Any ideas??


I tried to use my credit card and I got a service charge of 5 dollars and called the agent and he said it is because I am using a credit card for automatic payments.So, he advised, If I use a personal check or auto draft with checking account, they would to charge. Now I have set up Bill pay and I am still billed 5 dollars service charge.

I called the agent and he says now, it is the cost of billing.This is the worst company to deal with. I can not trust them any more.


Why should the customer have to pay for the administration fees? Should we pay for the new fax machine, the new copier and the new computer as well?

Don't push their own expenses at the customer.

I want to pay what it cost to insure me and that's it. My bill should not include anything else.

Gaisbach, Bayern, Germany #416064

I agree with Insurance Gal.. at least there is no late fees and other fees that other insurance companies charge... :roll



Those service fees cover administration fees. Have you ever looked at your phone bill and asked yourself, what is a "Miscellaneous Fee" and federal taxes, state taxes, network fees?

Yet nobody complains about those?....$1.00 is too send you the bill, $1.00 to process the payment, and $1.00 to complete the premium collection each month. How many co can tell you exactly where your money is going? If you go paperless, it reduces to $2.00. If you get on monthly and choose Recurring Monthly, it goes down to $1.00 service fee a month.

If we hid the service fee from you and just included it within your premium, would that make you feel better? Or more cheated?

to Insurance Gal #1127632

I would feel better. I feel cheated that they charge that in the first place b/c insurance is so high anyway! And I do complain about Miscellaneous Fee on my phone bill.

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