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This is an ongoing problem with all insurers but lately State Farm has taken it to a new level. Firstly we did a project for an agent she had 6 inches of sewer water in her basement.

After a recent spring thaw and some heavy rain a lot of basements were flooding. We attended the particular site on a Fri approximately 10pm and decided to set up some dehumidifiers until we could get back there the next morning. The reason we do this is to protect the structure from what we call secondary damage or increased humidity while we do the demo work necessary. This was a 2700 square foot basement and all raised sub-flooring so we knew it was going to be a long process of removal.

The adjusters showed up 4 days later only to have a discussion of who should be there doing the work. The adjuster informed there agent that if they went with they would be on their own which could not be further from the truth it got so bad that my project manager walked away. The insured (Agent) decided to finish the removal and dry with us and than took a cash settlement to do the rebuild. Our invoice was just over 80k we waited for 7 months to only get 42k after reviewing the estimates from the adjuster i noticed there were 19 items missed (deliberately) .

After sending the adjuster the 19 items that were missed he admitted that there were items missed and would proceed to figure out the extras. So after 3.5 months of diligent work i'm sure and with so many excuses I've lost track via email, no phone calls to discuss anything we received the last amount of 3400.00 and a letter stating that if we wanted to get paid we would have to take legal action against the insured their agent who sells their product everyday. So now i have to sue the insured. The second complaint i have with State Farm is there lack of integrity and professionalism and it doesn't stop at the adjusters it goes all the way up to the top I've lost sub-contractors because of their unwillingness to pay, these are the no brain-er pay outs.

See if i have a sub-contractors invoice that has been approved by the adjuster why does it take 60-120 days to get paid and what contractor can wait 60-120 days to get paid. So as a contractor I'm warning the insureds of State Farm be very concerned about your insurance company they are not "like a good neighbor" a good neighbor looks out for his neighborhood. Remember one thing about the preferred contractor and insurance companies we service an industry that people honestly believe we make a lot of money.......think about you believe that the insurance companies get rich paying us a lot of money NO we get beat all the time to reduce our invoices and only after the job is completed. Be very concerned we the contractors are getting sick and tired of this abuse and if we stop servicing the insurance companies who is going to do this specialized work ?????

As a home owner I'm terrified of the thought and it's just around the corner. WAKE UP STATE FARM set the example as one of the largest insurers in North America.

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