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Been with same company since late 90's. January 2014 I had my first ever minor accident (less than 5,000 in claims).

Get notice in April my agent is retiring, so I choose new agent with same company because I didn't feel comfortable with new fresh out of internship. Call several times, takes over a month to get my files transferred 5 blocks (electronic age this is should take 5 min!). Go meet with new agent - get informed they are cancelling my auto insurance effective August 2014 because of accident in January. He says he appealed it to home office on my behalf (sure you did).

I start looking for new auto insurance, find one take effect July because I didn't want tiniest gap without coverage but was unable to secure new homeowner at this time. Called 2-3 weeks in advance spoke to agent himself, cancel auto policy july * I have located new company, I don't want premium deducted on known date, had to call 2nd time speak to office gal (cancellation was never entered - I will take care of it right now) * still haven't received notice they cancelled that policy. go in pay homeowner policy week of 7/7. (insurance had always been auto withdrawn on 10th of each month prior to this mess).

On 7/15 they withdrew funds for auto policy causing overdraft in my account, call & complain. "oh we will refund it back immediately, same day so you don't encounter overdraft." they refunded partial next day & no one can explain to me difference of why it was shorted. did encounter overdraft fees from bank.

This isn't first major screw up with this company. in 2006 my husband passed away (Yes we were separated since 2004 because of abuse he committed) but no legal paperwork had been drawn up.

so we were technically married still, he had his account, I had mine we paid our own premiums etc. Well when he passed away I'm only next of kin he had but I was told I wasn't allowed to make changes to his policy but I was responsible for his premium. I asked well who can make changes to his account- only him! (remember he is now deceased) I said OK you call & ask him if I can make said changes to his account.

ended up calling home office, switching agents to resolve this little matter.

Consumers can't even call home office only agents- What kind of customer service program is that????

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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