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While trying to file a homeowners claim in October (due to a theft), we discovered that our policy's deductable has doubled the month before. Our agent "played dumb" when I asked why it increased, and it wasn't until I called again, that he told me that everyones policy deductable had doubled and it was noted on my renewal the month before. (No other notification, just a note on the policy.)

Some agents attempted to contact their clients atleast 3 times...not my agent! He states that he called and left a message, but not so...I have an answering maching and caller ID... no call. Then I found out the day they supposadly called - funny thing, I was home, off work the entire day, because I had surgery the day before. Like I said, there was NO call.

Besides all that, in the same week surrounding the day they supposedly called, I have records of contact with them on 3 different occasions, because we were taking out another policy for liability insurance. Not once did they ever mention anything abouth the homeowners deductable.

After talking to several "higher ups" at State Farm, I got nowhere. Guess they are in their legal rights by just putting 2 lines on your policy. Shame on me for not looking it over, but I never imagined they could change that without approval.

So much for being with State Farm for over 20 years.... when they decide to sneakly change something and there is no mandate on how agents notify clients, this is just poor business practice...but I'm sure losing one customer that gives them over $7000 a year is no big deal to them.

If anyone knows of anyway to go further with this, let me know.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1217396

I ,too ,was taken by surprise this year!A large pine tree fell on my home during a storm and broke into my roof and back bedrooms.

I had an estimate between 18,000-25,000 for repairing the damage, needing a crane to remove the tree and so on.

When I found out my deductible of $100 was raised to $5000 this year, I was floored. I have been a loyal customer for decades. I will never recommend state farm and I will be canceling once I get through this nightmare.

I received $5200 to get my home repaired....I mean really???That took care of the crane, tree and plaster for my ceiling...now where do I go to get the rest to close the large gaping hole in my roof and shingles?

to Anonymous #1217651

One hundred dollar deductibles are unheard of anymore.The price for your insurance would have been outrageously expensive to carry a deductible that low.

By having a reasonable deductible like $2,500 or $5,000, you've saved thousands of dollars in premiums.

That annual savings is the money you use to fix your roof.


I'm having the same problem with State Farm right now!!They tripled my deducdeble and I called my them on it and they stated they sent me a letter?

Well I want a copy of my original policy I purchased 16 yrs ago with my signature on it!!

It's also a contract, I should of received a new policy with the new deducteble on it so I could sign it or go to a different insurance company!Talk to an attorney.

to Ofc. GC #1206246

Your original policy means absolutely nothing.Each and every time a policy comes up for renewal, the company decides whether to offer you a renewal or not.

When they send you a renewal offer, it includes all of the endorsements and alterations along with the declarations documentation. That is your notification of changes.

They do not need your signature for acceptance. The law states that when you pay the premium that was offered with the renewal notice, you have accepted the NEW policy.

Every renewal notice you receive voids the prior contract and renews another contract.This is why agents constantly beg customers to READ their notices, their policies, their endorsements and meet with their agents do discuss and make any adjustments.


They just did this to us and we would have had a claim and we will lose thousands too! I am very pissed in Carmel, Indiana.


I'm disabled and they done me the same way.I've paid them for almost 10 years and only filled one claim and they told me after the second claim I can't file anymore. Something is very fishy about this!


Just happened to me.I never knew they could change the policy without signature.

I just call in a claim today to be notified I was sent a letter in 2013 that I did not respond to and they increased my deductable from 500 to 1000.

I am with the company 27 years.Very deceptive.

to Melinda #1046813

Same *** happened to me last week, raised my deductible from $1000 to $3500 and my agent never called to tell me.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #855908

I use my home owner insurance, car insurance for A catastrophe loss only.I save a ton of money by raising my deductible.

Do not do small claims on insurance the days of small claims are over .You save lots of money by following the basic common sense strategy .A insurance company can drop you at any renewal time they want with few exceptions there is nothing you can do about it.Since you do not want to do claims raise your deductible save money.

Saluda, South Carolina, United States #853923

Well in have had travelers insurance for about ten years I had a 250.00 ded..They must not have had in fine print that they could raise the ded.at any timer so to get rid of me they just doubled my insurance.They said it is because the fire dept.

moved and it put me at 6 miles .The fire dept is in the same place for probably 15 years and when it moved then it moved closer.They just wanted to loose me because of the 250.00 ded

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