I got a new vehicle in March and went off my moms plan and onto my own. After having the car only one month state farm cancelled my insurance without notifying me. I didn't even know until I got pulled over because my car had been flagged as not having insurance. I reinstated the policy with state farm after arguing with them that they never informed me. They had my mothers phone number listed and had "records" of letters that they had supposedly sent that I never received. After having the policy for 1 month AGAIN they cancelled my insurance because of a form that wasn't signed, which I NEVER RECEIVED.

I immediately called Geico and was provided excellent customer service and the same coverage for $50 less a month.

When my mom called state farm to make a complaint, she was told that no one else would give me insurance because the insurance lapse would show on my record and that I was irresponsible. I will never go back to State farm and my mom is also switching to Geico after being a state farm customer for almost 10 years.

If anyone is looking for insurance companies I would check out Geico! They are extremely friendly. Since I've had their insurance someone backed into my car and eventhough I'm 20 they were able to make arrangements for me to get a rental car and made all of the arrangements so convenient. I've spoken with several representatives and they have all provided excellent customer service and are extremely sweet!

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Gaisbach, Bayern, Germany #416026

InnocentBystander you really tell it like it is!!



That "Form" you casually mentioned is more than likely the monthly payment authorization form.

So let me get this right...You forgot to sign the form "twice" and blame State Farm?

O.K. next time, ask for someone to hold your hand the entire time.

Here is some free advice, stay with momma, she seems to have taken good care of you this far, why subject yourself to the dangers and responsibilities of adulthood?

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