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I am sure this message will disappear into oblivion, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I have been dealing with Jake Squires in Bellingham for 7 years now, for many different policies (6, to be exact). I've always wondered what he did all day, because pretty much everything is handled by his staff. I have tried to e-mail him several times in the past, and he always says he didn't get the emails. Sure does seem fishy.

Recently I got a letter stating that my truck insurance policy was cancelled due to non-payment. This surprised me, because I'd never seen a bill. Shortly after we got that straightened out, I called about my "Specialty" Errors & Omissions policy, which is important for my business. Jake said it had been cancelled in August due to non-payment. He said State Farm sent out 3 letters, and none were returned.

First, on the letters. They were not received. Period. I doubt they were even sent. I have not historically had problems receiving mail, and I have NEVER had problems paying bills. My credit report reflects that. And the fact that this happened for two different policies puts the blame squarely on State Farm's shoulders.

Next, Jake Squires. His intimation was that I have just been choosing to ignore the bills. That makes me irate. I NEED the insurance to be in effect. I WANT to pay for it. When I asked him why he couldn't pick up the phone and let me know my policies were expiring, he said "we didn't have your phone number". This is an outrageous lie. I've been working with them for 7 years, and I've talked with them by phone numerous times. They have my number, have called it in the past, and it has not changed. They also have my e-mail address, have used it, and IT has not changed. He is trying to cover for the fact that he is an absentee agent. When I complained even more, he said "you're barking up the wrong tree." He's my INSURANCE AGENT. Exactly what tree am I supposed to bark up? SO, I'm barking up this web form.

So, I cancelled all my policies with him. I do not want to do business with him or with State Farm if they are going to treat customers like that. And you can be sure I'll be letting others know about my bad experience with State Farm and Jake Squires.

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Wow, I have no idea what this guy is talking about! I have always had the most courteous service from Jake Squires State Farm.

His staff are really prompt and are always there to answer my questions.

I was late once on a bill (it got buried when I was moving) and I received a call 2 days after it was due letting me know it was late. I have since moved to Alaska, but I was there for 5 years and I actually was sad to lose Jake Squires as my agent!

to Crissy Banks #631098

Jake Squires is a criminal piece of garbage. He's a lying piece of ***.

He lied about my policy and cost me thousands of dollars. NEVER DEAL WITH THIS CROOK. He will rapw you and use you and lie.

Please learn from my mistakes. Jake Squires is a liar.

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