STATE FARM: Auto Policyholders, Homeowners Policyholders, Rental Policyholders, Businesses Policyholders, Hurricanes Policyholders, Tornadoes Policyholders, Storms Policyholders, Earthquakes Policyholders, and None Policyholders, who will be seeking Insurance in the near Future, Be Aware of State Farm Insurance Companies and its Consultant, as well as the Adjusters, who Prolong Your Policyholder Auto Accident and all the ABOVE Claims.

Tell State Farm CEO Edward B. Rust, Vice Chairman and Coo Michael L. Tipsord, Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Paul J.Smith, State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates and Russell Pargeon the auto accident whereas to I was rear ended, on July 2, 2013 was not my fault. The rear ended auto accident claim must be rewritten in such a way that I am not at fault. It is deliberately, wrongful, and misleading for State Farm to file an auto claim that wasn’t my fault, as a collision claim. It is also deliberately, wrongful and misleading for State Farm to deny pain and suffering compensations to the passengers that were in my vehicle on July 2, 2013. This not at fault, auto accident is going to be on my record, as an at fault accident, if state Farm do not change my claim, which means wrongful points will be taken off my driver license. I, the Policyholder, should not have to pay my passengers out of my pocket, when it is State Farm duty and contractual obligation not to refuse payment and prolong payments for a Legal Insurance claim, which is bad faith on State Farm BEHALF.

Please Sign The Coming Soon Petition Against State Farm...

I had an accident. I was rear ended from behind. When I looked at my bumper I saw that the lady had knocked paint off my bumper, no dent, so being a good person, (GOOD NEIGHBOR as State Farm claim to be) I let her go, as well to find out that my car would not start and that there were other damages that had been done to my car from the accident.

Besides myself I had 4 more people in the car, 3 of them were children and the other was an adult, all relatives. They all suffer pain from the accident, which caused the children to not return to day care. They all took over the counter medications for their pain, but if their pain worsen, the kids, their mother and I will be going to the Doctor to seek medical care for pain, stiffness, as well as, soreness.

The auto accident that was not my fault (not caused by me), have the children in fear. At times they can’t sleep, they can’t eat and they have nightmares because of the auto accident.

As for the adult that was in my car and do not live in my house, she had to pay extra for a sitter to keep her children, who was injured in my car, because they were unable to return to daycare due to body pain caused by the wreck, and she also had to pay the day care center for service, too. She during the time of the accident had a television in my car.

Later the adult passenger, who was in my vehicle talked to Robbin Merrell, who was handling the medical coverage and was willing to pay their doctor bills, (but at this time there were not any bills). Sometime after, I talked to State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates.

I was told by State Farm auto insurance Rep. Ronald Gates that since I let the lady go, the automobile accident was my fault, and that my passengers are not entitle to pain and suffering from State Farm, but they are entitled to have their medical bills paid only because I have medical coverage.

However when I asked him to send the submitted false statement in writing to me stating that the accident was blame on me, he held the line for a while before he said no. Surely, for State Farm to avoid, fully covering my claim and by State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates falsely blaming the accident on me, means that State Farm will raise my insurance premiums.

Since Ronald Gates mind was set on the accident being my fault, I asked him to give me the CEO name, phone number and I also asked him for the CEO secretary, name and phone number, he would not give it to me, he told me that he didn’t know their names and numbers, which went on and on and on. I told him you mean to tell me, you don’t know the CEO, name, he said again no. I said again, you mean to tell me that you don’t know the CEO name. He then said wait. After that Ronald Gates told me that the CEO name was Ed. Rust. However I found that the CEO name was and appeared on the Internet websites, also as Edward B. Rust.

Then he told me that he could give me his supervisor name. I told him that I don’t need your supervisor name, what I need is the manager name who, is over your supervisor. He told me that he could not give me the Manager name who, was over his supervisor, but again he said I can give you my supervisor name. When I gave in and said ok give me your supervisor name and number, he started to give me the runner around. He held the line for a while, before he told me his supervisor name. Finally I called his supervisor Russell Pargeon and left a message along, with my phone number, on his machine, explaining what I was going through with State Farm claim Rep. Ronald Gates. Russell Pargeon never returned my call, which was Monday July 8, 2013 and today is Friday July 12, 2013.

So, I called State Farm back and asked to file a Consumer Complaint. The man on the other end asked for my claim number. After I gave him my claim number, he gave me the wrong phone number 770-418562, but keep in mind I repeated the number to him to make sure I had written down the correct number. Since I was given the wrong number I called back. This time I talked to a lady. She also asked me for my claim number. I gave her my claim number and she connected me to a phone, which had a busy signal, without giving me the complaint number. So again, I called back and talked to another lady, but this time I did not give out my claim number, instead, I asked her again and again for the Consumer Complaint number, which is 770-4185024 before it was given to me. Finally I called the Consumer Complaint number and file a complaint against State Farm for the bad faith in which my claim was being handled by Ronald Gates, who has a nasty voice tone. I was told it would take two to three days before I hear from anyone. Well it has been over two days and I have not heard from anyone from State Farm. Afterward, I called the Corporate Office to speak to the CEO. Edward B. Rust. I got a machine, so I left a message explaining everything along with my phone number.

Later, a lady name Evelyn called me. She told me that she was calling from the Corporate Office, but for the reason by the sound of her voice, I thought I had talked to her before, which lead me to believe that she was not calling from the Corporate Office. Anyway, she then went on to say that they were going to contact Ronald Gates Supervisor and have him call me, but whatever, Ronald Gates supervisor, namely Russell Pargeon says his decision, as to handling my claim is final, she repeated herself it will be final.

Evelyn went on to say that they don’t get in disputes with Employees and Policyholders, but she said she was going to write him concerning my auto claim and she said that it would be in my favor. She reassured me that I will definitely here from Russell Pargeon by Friday July 12, 2013. Well today is Friday July 12, 2013 and I have not heard from Russell Pargeon and nor have I heard from anyone from State Farm. Keep in mind not only did Evelyn from the Corporate Office supposedly email him, I left Russell Pargeon a telephone message on, Monday July 8, 2013 and still I say I haven’t heard from him. Although, we the victims have cooperated 100% with stated Farm, we should not have to continue to try and contact State Farm on an ongoing basic to settle this prolonging claim, they don’t have to contact me for my premiums.

My auto insurance coverage consisted of: Liability, Medical Payments, Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured Motor vehicle, car Rental, Emergency Road Service, use of none owned cars, Loss of Earrings, Physical Damage, Death Dismemberment and Loss of Sight .

This wreck and State Farm Claim Rep. Ronald Gates have caused me, as well as 4 people with injuries, who were in my vehicle during the accident to go through emotional and physical stress. This accident was not my fault therefore you should not blame me to gain profit by raising my insurance premiums. It is bad faith on State Farm part to not pay or to prolong pain and suffering claims to the victims of an auto accident, who are covered by State Farm Insurance. I should not have to pay my passengers for their pain and suffering when I have State Farm Full Coverage Insurance, on my Vehicle.

Now, in knowledge of false information is defined, as being actual knowledge, deliberate ignorance of the truth or falsity of the information, or reckless disregard of the truth.

State Farm is a Mutual Company (it is owned by its Policyholders, it doesn’t have shares that trade publicly) which means without Policyholders, State Farm would not, EXIST.

A Consultant Firm whom I won’t name at this particular time, court records showed that State Farm hired the Firm as a consultant. The Consultant Firm developed methods for companies to become more profitable by paying out less in claims according to Videotaped evidence presented in Court.

Below are the Consultant Firm Methods for the Company: When a Policyholder files a claim, first make, a low offer, if a Policyholder (customer) protests or hires a lawyer the company should fight back. The Consultant Company slides, which were presented in Court says…can discourage Policyholders (claimants) by delaying settlement and stalling court proceedings.

By postponing payments insurance companies can hold money longer and make more on their investments and often wear down Policyholders (clients) to the point of dropping a claim. By paying less to its Policyholders will lifted their income.

Town hall meetings with adjusters have been held to urge them to pay less to Policyholders.

No Policyholder should ever have to go through something like this from any Insurance company. I pay my premium for full coverage Auto Insurance monthly and for State Farm to do business in a bad faith way is very, unprofessional on their part.

This type of doing business gives State Farm a bad name.

The lie, as to I was at fault and the denied payments of this Legitimate, pain and suffering claim is BAD FAITH on State Farm BEHALF.

In my opinion, to avoid fully covering my claim completly, State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates falsely blamed the accident on me and said I was at fault, which means State Farm will raise, again, I say my Insurance Premiums.

This should have been resolved in a timely manner.

On Monday July 15, 2013, I finally received a call from Russell Pargeon. Russell Pargeon answer was no, I don’t know if your Insurance will go up. His answer was no, I cannot give you anything in writing stating that your insurance want go up. His answer was no, I cannot give you anything in writing stating that the accident want be charge to you and his answer was no, I cannot pay pain and suffering to your passengers. He went in silent mode, which means he did not answer me, when I addressed to him that Ronald Gates told me that the accident was charge to me, will be on my record, and my premium will go up. He also went in silent mode when I addressed the baby sitter expenses, day care expenses, as well as, the car seats and the passenger, television set that was in my car. However, after we continued to go back and forth with one another, which was the the last time that we spoke to one another, Russell Pargeon, through phone conversation told me that he will have to see about whether the passengers in my car are entitle to pain and suffering. As of this day I have not heard back from him.

I recalled about what Evelyn from Corporate Headquarters told to me, Mr. Russell Pargeon decision, as to handling my auto accident claim is final, she repeated, it will be final, which was a truthful statement.

Therefore whether wrong or right Russell Prageon decision is final, but I can’t settle for wrongful decisions made by Russell Prageon and State Farm Executive Employees.

On July 15, 2013, after Russell Pargeon and I had disagreed twice (because I stood up for myself), through phone conversations the rental car service was discontinued without warning. The next day the Rental car service called me, which was on July 16, 2013. The tone of the Rental car lady voice was in surprise mode after she realized that I had not been notified by State Farm to return the Rental. In my opinion according to State Farm consultant court records things like this happens when you speak up for yourself.

Of course the RENTAL CAR was set up from July 2, 2013 to July 16, 2013. Now I have to pay out of my pocket for an extra day of Rental in which I have a document in writing, stating, when the Rental service will end, July 16, 2013, which is today. I was also told by State Farm employee who set up the Rental for me, when the rental service was going to end, which was on July 16, 2013.

Anyway, I pick up my car today July 16, 2013, from the repair shop even though my auto claim has not been settled by State Farm.

Although my vehicle has been repaired the following things below, which are included in with the auto accident claim must be settled by State Farm.

I want State Farm to rewrite the auto accident in a truthfully manner. Just because it is wrote up as I was hit from behind does not mean it want be charge to me. According to Ronald Gates the accident is charged to me and is my fault because I let the other vehicle go for knocking paint off my bumper afterwards to see that more damage was done to my car, as well. I want State Farm to not raise my Insurance Premiums, but how will I know, without taking State Farm word for it, after all in my opinion, premiums goes up more than pennies on a dollar without policyholders knowing why.

I want State Farm to settle the pain and suffering auto claim for my passengers and if possible for myself, as well. I want State Farm to reimburse me for the July 16, 2013 rental service. I want State Farm to reimburse the adult passenger baby sitter and day care expenses for the days that her children could not attend daycare, because of their injuries what the accident caused and at the same time, the adult passenger still had to pay day care expenses, too. I want State farm to replace the passengers, car seats and the television set that was also in my car.

Factual facts:

Liability insurance-Body injuries is used to pay for the following:

Medical bills, time lost from work, legal representation for injured parties, funeral expenses, long-term rehabilitation or nursing care and pain and suffering.

State Farm Claims Employees, Ronald Gates and Russell Pargeon have caused me, as well as the people with injuries, who were in my vehicle during the accident to go through emotional and physical stress.

In my opinion, with regard to bad faith, State Farm has demonstrated an element of dishonest, moral obliquity, and an ill will to support bad faith not only to me but to other, Auto Policyholders, Homeowners Policyholders, Rental Policyholders, Hurricane Policyholders, Tornado Policyholders, Storms Policyholders, Earthquakes Policyholders and Businesses Policyholders in the United States, and Canada, too, as well as, Policyholders all around the world. State Farm Policyholders must stand up for what they believe is right.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #690617

state farm recently screwed me also. i sent them pictures of the accident when i was rear ended.

i was pulling in a parking lot and one of their drivers rear ended my jaguar. the state farm driver was had said i cut into his lane and hit him. i actually was pulling into a parking lot and heard screaching tires as i was pulling into parking lot. the accident report completely shows my side of story and i took like 10 photos of accident scene.

all of the debris from my car (in rear) is not even in street but the edge of the parking lot. state farm threw me under the bus. they are a crooked scandalous company.

now i have to pay attorney and all other types of stuff to prove what is 100% odvious. stay away from this company they will *** too.


What a complete waste of time writing all of this. You clearly do not understand the very basics of insurance. Who hit you? If you do not have a police report or the information concerning the other driver, name, address, license plate number, you have NOTHING for the insurance company to go on. Period.

Who do you expect them to charge the damage to? Which specific coverage would you like them to pay under? They cannot pay via uninsured motorist because you didn't get a police report and you have no identification of the person who hit you. They are left only with collision coverage. That's 100% the way it works with every insurance company.

You're lucky you have collision coverage because if you didn't there would be absolutely no coverage for this claim at all.

As for the injuries, that's covered under your medical coverage. Pain and suffering are not included in medical, not with any company, ever. Only medical bills. This is not a liability case. It's being taken care of by your policy, not some mystery person you have no info for. Look, most people are sore after an accident. I'm sore after I exercise. I have to question how sore someone could possibly be after an accident that didn't even result in a dent. That's ridiculous. IF you're actually hurt, go to the doctor. The limit of your medical is all that will pay.

Once a claim is closed, you are responsible for turning in the rental car. Period. Why is that so complicated to understand?

As for attempting to contact everyone in the company, well, good luck with that. State Farm has over 80 million policies in force. You think a claim that does not have a dent in the vehicle is something you're going to get to the CEO of the largest insurance company in the world. You're out of your mind. Get a grip.

to Laughing Mobile, Alabama, United States #682858

If you really had taken the time and effort to read this you would have known that there were other damages done to the vehicle too. And there were also passengers in the vehicle too.

So the next time you comment on a matter please take in what you read so that you will be able to remember as well as explain in your statments what you have read...Lol with a smiley face at you. Besides if nothing good comes out of this the passengers should be compensate!!!!!!

to Anonymous Mobile, Alabama, United States #682863

oops! statements...I mistake

to Anonymous Mobile, Alabama, United States #682868

oops again...my mistake

to Anonymous #682872

I read every single word. Again, you don't understand the basic premise of how insurance works.

You described very minimal damage. Paint chipping and "other damage" that you didn't describe. Here's what I assume you mean by that...the bumper clips under the bumper broke. Yep, that's perfectly normal and can happen extremely easily.

I also read in detail the info you gave about the "injuries" your passengers received. You described soreness and stress. My statements to you still remain the same.

If anyone is injured, go to the doctor. I doubt anyone is truly injured as a result of the accident you described.

to Laughing Mobile, Alabama, United States #683734

Like Allstate, State Farm used consulting giant McKinsey & Co. The McKinsey concept involves cutting spending on claims payments to boost profits. Agents steeped in the McKinsey way speak of the “three D’s”- deny the claim, delay the payment, and then do anything to defend against a lawsuit.

CNN's investigative team reportedly reviewed more than 6,000 company documents and court records and conducted interviews with numerous people including former insurance company insiders, accident victims and other experts. This is what they learned. If you challenge an insurer after a car accident and refuse to accept what the insurance company offers you, even if you are insulted by it - you will be left with little option but to go to court and be dragged through a complex, expensive and slow system.

Experts say this strategy was devised to boost profit for the insurance companies in the mid-1990s with the help of a consultant. Those documents obtained by CNN recommend that insurance companies put on their boxing gloves when it comes to soft-tissue injuries in minor crashes. Their strategy outlines three D's - denying a claim, delaying settlement of a claim and defending against the claim in court. Other experts say that this strategy helped insurance companies *** out so-called victim's attorneys "who make a living off auto accident victims." They argue that lawyers are upset about insurance companies playing hardball with the public because they fear that "the gravy train is over." The insurance companies did not mention how their tactics were unfair to the innocent auto accident victim; they just blamed everything on the personal injury attorneys.

The party that really suffers in a minor injury crash is the average driver, the guy who is not ready financially to spend thousands at a given time to handle medical expenses for issues such as chiropractic work, which is not covered under many health plans or to be off work for a week or more. It is the average consumer who suffers as a result of this profit-mongering strategy adopted by insurance companies. It is these companies that stand to profit millions by not paying what is due to innocent, injured auto accident victims and then worsening the situation by increasing premiums.

The truth is that a minor car accident can cause a significant injury. This is especially so to seniors and people with preexisting conditions... We've had clients who suffered severe back injuries in a moderate rear-end accidents. Yes, many of them were elderly but aren't they entitled to safe passage on our highways? Aren't they entitled to compensation for the damage done, regardless of their age, young or old? Yes, many of the others are people with preexisting conditions, especially "degenerative disc disease", a medical term for the wearing out of your spin through age.

In fact, the dirty little secret of the insurance industry for the last 15 years has been this - they're paying out much less for minor auto accidents, their profits are soaring as are your premiums. Of course, for them, the Insurance Companies, namely State Farm, it's a winning formula.

This is the last time that I will speak on this matter to you, who must be an Insurance company Employee (an adjuster) if not a CEO. Please enjoy the rest of your day.

to Laughing #683900

While your copy and paste skills are excellent, your understanding of the insurance business is void.

I could quote/copy/paste multiple attorney websites indicating they don't like the way insurance companies do business. I don't because I know the facts and I know how some attorneys do business. They twist facts, they misinterpret documents, they make a living taking an average of 40% of whatever settlement they get. Maybe you should look at where they're coming from.

That said, I could also quote you thousands of claims I have personally seen paid, some I did not even agree should have been paid. I have seen MILLIONS of dollars paid to worthy policyholders and claimants.

I will state it one last time. IF YOU OR YOUR PASSENGERS ARE INJURED, GO TO A DOCTOR. Clearly, you only want to get something for nothing. A tap on the bumper that resulted in chipped paint and broken bumper clips DID NOT CAUSE INJURIES. You're the type of consumer that disgusts jurors. They would love to laugh you out of court. Your claims of injuries insult those who have truly suffered real injuries from actual wrecks.

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