Syaye Farm Bank beats up on people who try and pay off Loans I tried to pay off one loan and told they would use cross colateral to hold title on this Loan There is this guy mark who needs termination and be treated like he treats others The refused all my offers to pay and made impossible demands on meeting trquirements They are the most unfriendly bank I have ever seen WE give the Banks money and they still cheat us Is there anyone who can stop these banks from doing these things I believe state farm bank is going to fail soon

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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This is the most nonsensical piece of uneducated drivel I have ever read. Apparently trying to formulate an actual sentence or logical thought was beyond the capacity of this "consumer".

How they managed to even get a loan in the first place is beyond me. Embarrassing...totally embarrassing.


...that is one side of the story...so are you behind on the other loan...do you have a history of being behind etc.

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