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A man showed up at our home to take pictures of the house. He said he was from State Farm but provided no ID.

I told him I didn't want some stranger taking pictures, and when asked for ID, he got in his car and left. That day I called my agent to tell her what happened and was told State Farm people HAD to show ID and I did the right thing. She was unaware of State Farm sending people out to take pictures. A few months later, a letter shows up from State Farm telling us our homeowner's had been canceled for refusal to let them take pictures.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario I don't even know where to start. Yes, I'm pissed.

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First of all, it's perfectly normal for an insurance company to inspect the risk they are insuring. They don't need your permission to do so, you gave it to them when you signed up for the insurance.

Second, the agent is not always aware of an inspection. Sometimes, the company is inspecting the property to be sure the agent did their job.

Third, just because an inspector came out, doesn't mean they are with the company that sent them. Many times, they're independent contractors who were hired by the insurance company. They don't have company ID, only personal ID. Your agent was very wrong about that.

Refusal for inspection is a perfectly legal reason for a company to cancel you. Your property is a risk. They have the right to manage their risk.

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