My mother had coverage from State Farm for over 20 years. I got a DUI and they canceled HER policy.

What does her coverage have to do with mine? What a lame insurance company. It is absolutely pathetic that they would cancel her. She has paid over $28,000 to this despicable company, yet they cancel her because of my mistake.

I am not on her policy! Shame on you all! This should be illegal if it is not already.

This is not an insurance company, this is a money sucking pig of a company. "State farm is there" until you need them.

This is a truly *** company.

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Same *** happen to me today...I've been with state farm for 25 years (my entire driving career) and they just *** canned my entire family cuz i got a dui. what the *** does that have to do with my family.

Charge me hi-risk (so you can get your $$$ back dumb ***). Let me sign something saying i won't drive the other cars.


to ***edDude Lake Worth Corridor, Florida, United States #729742

First of all if your license is the same address as your mom...yes we do reserve the right to cancel her, you have now become a risk in the house hold. its not hard to figure out that you live there making you an exposure. perhaps you shouldn't be mad at State farm, take responsibility you are on the road DRUNK endagering innocent livesso yes Im glad you got cancelled.

to carmen #895836

Sure, it IS all about money.The DUI INDUSTRY as it is known. What about all the other ridiculous, life-endangering that goes on on the roads ?

Speeding, illegal lane changes, texting or talking while driving, people medicated, lack of sleep, driving when you are too old to think straight or react properly any more. Does anyone address these issues fully, and really come down on them ?

to carmen Jericho, Vermont, United States #1295356

ill be cancelling mine now too... carmens a douche.

to carmen #1312229

Maybe if you weren't still living in mommy's basement they wouldn't have cancelled her policy. They're not *** .. they know your drunk self will get behind the wheel of her car.

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