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Just recieved a letter in the mail stateing that my insurance is being cancelled due to the fact that my husband has a suspended drivers liscence. Even though I have a perfect driving record for more than seven years they still cancelled it.

And when I called to complain they stated cause he lives in my house that they have to get cancel me. I am the only one driving for the past 3 years and have had no problem with that with any other company.

This is not my fault, was something that happened before we were married yet I am being faulted for it. This is *** UP!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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What your parents signed was called a driver exclusion endorsement. Depending on the state you're in, that is allowed for children or other household members such as grandparents or siblings, but in many states, it is not allowed for spouses.

Just as I explained before, spouses are considered "as one" basically, a husband and wife cannot exclude each other when you're married. As for the answer to "What happened to customer right?"...the insurance company is the one on the line for the damage that may be done. They have decided that there is not a premium they can charge that can justify the risk they would be taking on and have made the choice to resign from the risk.

Insurance is not a something you walk up to the cash register and purchase. It's applied for and must be approved by the company taking on the risk.

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I had contacted a Lawyer to see that they had to say about it, and they said since it happened 5 years ago, i should not be faulted for it, and what they did was wrong. State farm is refunding me all of my money, and the rep I finally got ahold of gave me a number to the Att.

General of my state to change it, cause she said it was BS to. Also I had contacted a different S.F rep and they told me that I can take him off my policy, but my rep had to do it, and she refused to.

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Only because the Insurance companies have our premiums to get the best 'justice' money can buy!

Do wonder if Petze87 has filed a complaint with the department that regulates insurance companies doing business in Pennsylvania?

Remember when I got my drivers license, my parents were told their insurance would go up like 3 times higher. They signed something that made it so if I was driving their car it had NO Insurance. What happened to customer right?


When you married your husband, you married his driving record and his credit report. Period.

Most preferred companies cannot and will not exclude a spouse as a risk since you are considered "as one". You'll be suffering for his record just as long as he does.

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