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I had an accident with an insured of State Farm. I called in the claim on the following business day, they assigned a claim number, and said they would call the insured and call me back in 24hrs. After 24hrs, I had to call them again and was told their insured never called in the claim.

I asked if I can take the car to a body shop to have repaired they said they would not authorize repairs until they talked to their insured. After 24hrs and a claim I would have thought they would have called their insured, they said they would call me back in 24hrs.

Another 24hrs passed and still no call, I called again they said they have no called their insured, I said this is unacceptable, spoke to Roger, the adjuster he said he would call me back. I called him back 8hrs later he said their insured admitted fault.

I asked if I can take car to body shop he said he would have field adjuster call me to set up appointment. The next day I get a phone call at my job site from body shop the adjuster is there and to bring car in, I had to leave the job site go home pick up car and go to the body shop. I met the adjuster he looked at car, then disappeared.

I never received a copy of the estimate. The shop did, I spoke to the owner of the shop who stated the adjuster left off over 1K in repairs. I had to call State Farm, the adjuster told me that some of the damage was per-existing. I have not had an accident in 17yrs, and the car is in great condition everywhere but where the accident was, and they said it was not caused by the accident!

After several phone calls State Farm declined to pay for the damages caused by their insured. I spoke to their in-house attorney Lou Kesthely who tried all kinds of intimidation tactics against me stating that I can not claim this or that, and that they are not going to pay the claim.

I advised him that he leaves me no other choice than to file suit against their insured for the entire claim amount. His response to that was:


Can you believe that an attorney who represents a large company, and is supposed to protect their clients would say to someone to file suit against their client?

Well folks if you are insured with State Farm insurance, remember they are not out to help you, but to protect their assets only!

How would you feel with a judgement against you which goes on your credit report! Ill bet you would sue State Farm as well!

Hope all who read this will cancel State Farm to make the statement that State Farm is not always there, at least not for you!

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