I was involved in an accident in which a State Farm insured driver rear ended me on the interstate.

I was stopped because of an accident in front of me. The State Farm client wasn't paying attention and rear ended me- the front end of his car was crumpled and had to be towed away. I was put in ambulance & carried to hospital unable to photograph his vehicle. The company car that I was in a Honda Insight is designed as such that the rigid rear design absorbed little of the impact & the visual outward appearance of damage to the vehicle appeared minimal.

My lawyer is so afraid of State Farm because of their well known record of successfully denying legitimate claims that they are suggesting I sue my own insurance company in order to cover the medical expenses that I have been forced to pay out of pocket. Of course I live in Florida which due to the FACT that our political leaders bend over backwards in this state in order to accommodate Corporate interests while continually whittling down & discarding the few remaining consumer protection policies in the name of better business. The no-fault state insurance laws are clearly designed to benefit the Insurance Industry like every other related policy here in Florida.

The Insurance Industry like many other industries in our current day Of-the-Corporations-By-the-Corporations-for-the-Corporations America is the benefactor of several Socialistic policies and as a result, the recipient of huge Corporate Welfare and subsidies fully funded by tax payer dollars. Corporate greed and the cozy relationship between certain key industries and our "elected leaders" aka Corporate puppets has also invaded the justice system which allows this well known and documented obstruction of justice to survive and prosper within the U.S. court system.

State Farm sucks as do many of the other companies in their industry BUT the key subject to address is WHO and WHAT allows this to LEGALLY continue? Our Government and the officials who are supposed to ensure consumer rights are protected have been bought-&-paid-for by the Insurance Industry long ago. That is why there are so many complaints here and other sites on the internet, because the Industries with the biggest lobbyists are the ones who live in a Free Country - Free to do WHAT they WANT to WHOEVER they WANT with minimal if any repercussions.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Industry practices.

Monetary Loss: $70000.

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