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State Farm Disability Insurance they are really Abusive and Inhuman. They just do as possible as they can to Pay You as Less as they Want to.

They are just Terrible. Their Examiner Adjusters are the Worst of the Worst. To be Fair with my Agent, She and all the Team from her Office are very courteous and professional. Unfortunately they just Work for the Wrong Company.

This Incompetent Company is as same Big as is a Bad. I did a lot of research all over the Internet and they had a lot of Complaints, and Negative back feed from their clients. Also it seems and allegedly they had been Covered/Protected by some Politicians, Other Interests and even some Judges in the Federal and State Justice System by Courts Decisions on their favor in Big Legal Settlements and Suits. We should not Bail Out any Insurance, it is totally Outrageous and *** by the Government to Protect and Help them when they just give Us Such a bad Service on purpose and for the Sole Purpose of Save and Gain more Money for themselves.

good Luck to every one with any Coverage with them, I will Change all my Family Insurance Coverages with a New Company ASAP. God Bless You All~

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I can tell you this..they are no more curteous to their own employees when it comes to filing a claim either. I assisted my spouse an insured with a claim...he has not seen any benefits for a claim filed Aug. 2015 yet and I have been accussed of falsifying documents and my job terminated~not support or guidance form agent/employer or claims department.


Hello, it's me again. The Adjuster still do not want to pay me.

Also they did not start the raider benefit to skip the Insurance Payments until last week(that is 6 months+'s after the Accident/Dissability, and I just received a letter from State Farm saying they are goin to resume it to Charge Payments again this month(November). It is Incredible and Totally Inescrupulous Abusive Actons. i am still out of work under Works-Comp after i got my second Opinion Doctor and I will be waiting for a Compulsory Third Opinion Doctor as required by the New Law Chages. I am going to go to my Agent offices tomorrow to bring them all the Info again and to discuss the alternatives and if they still not want to pay me as required and regarded i will have No other Option than to give everything to my Lawyer which will be more than Gratefull to Sue them in order to made then stick to their Resposibilities and the Insurance Laws and Contract.

I will continue giving feedback from my Claim until all finished.

Have a Good Luck and a Great choice, but do not get anything from State Farm they are just a Scam. :( :(

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