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Well, we have had state farm for over a decade for both car and renters insurance. On April 13th we called to set up cancelling our policy because we were moving out of state.

They told us we were all set, our premium would NOT be deducted from our bank account. So we thought we were all set. over a week later, our premium was deducted from our account. We were half way between our original state and our new home state with a panic.

We had already used our card for gas on six occasions. Those had not yet posted. And our account was now down to $90. Great right?

Well then also three other smaller amounts came out. Which we had expected but, we called them they claimed no money had ever come out of our account as the policy was cancelled. We said we are looking at the bank account and you took the money out. So ok fine.

Then guess what, here we are three weeks later. Still fighting to get the money back they took without permission and we have $240 in NSF fees because of course the first gas amount they took out was the $90 one. Great! So we have six NSF fees over something that was never supposed to happen.

We had only charged a total of $195. They took out 180 and that with the $75 in the account would have been fine to cover what we charged. But ya know what, they can just *** me. I called corporate and they are investigating.

They keep changing their story. Now they said we never cancelled our policy. Funny I have the letter somewhere in a box that says we did and they confirmed that we would no longer have insurance as of the 19th. Our new policy started the 18th so we were fine.

It is ridiculous that now they are changing their story to cover their butts. I seriously am just done. I hope noone ever gets insurance through State Farm. They are not a good neighbor.

They are a horrible pink house painting neighbor who throws their drugs in your yard when the cops show up. Then laugh as you fight to prove that you have been wronged.

Seriously avoid State Farm as much as you can.

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Feel your pain. I dumped them after having them for 15 yrs.or so.

They all of a sudden raised my premium $100.00 and when I ask why their only response was that the computer sometimes goes back several years and the computer found where I had a ticket 9 years ago. Give me a break!

Almost 10yrs.???? That`s a bunch of BS

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