We have had State Farm as our homeowner's insurance for over 20 years. Recently we filed our first claim ever.

They turned it down. We realized at this time that while we faithfully paid the annual premiums, they had recently, and quietly, raised our deductible. It had been raised to $5000. We live in Northern Virginia, and honestly, we are sheltered from some of the extreme weather that regularly hits other parts of the nation.

So why raise the deductible on a well built house owned by responsible homeowners? In essence, they insulated themselves from having to pay anything by raising the deductible to a ridiculous level, short of a major catastrophe. HOWEVER, I have complained about this to anyone who stands still long enough to listen me out. What I am hearing from other individuals is that if your dad, or your brother, or your aunt works for State Farm, they will cover your claim.

Even if it's an iffy claim and perhaps not totally due to an Act of God. So heed the warning. THEY ARE NOT LOYAL to their customers. They will drop you like a stone if they think you are even a remotely risky customer.

They will raise your deductible out of hand to protect themselves. State Farm is NOT a good neighbor.

That is just a cheap advertising lingo, but it's caveat emptor for the unwary customer.

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