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State Farm recently informed me that they are not renewing my auto policies due to the fact that I have had more than 1 claim within the first 3 years of being their customer. "Like a good neighbor"?

How about "like a fair-weather friend". Over a year ago I was hit in the rear while stopped at a traffic light...the other driver was found to be 100% at fault. I went to the E.R. to get checked out for my back pain (as a precaution) and submitted my claim with State Farm's PIP department (Personal Injury Protection).

Then 2 months ago I had an unfortunate situation on the road that caused me to lay down my motorcycle. I did not hit or hurt anyone but I had injuries that were treated in the E.R. and the motorcycle was totaled. Yes, this motorcycle accident was my fault.

It was an ACCIDENT. My first at fault accident EVER! State Farm does not cover personal injuries on motorcyclists in NJ so they were only responsible for the loss on the actual motorcycle. But since I have been insured with State Farm for less than 3 years they are holding the previous 2011 PIP claim against me along with 2012 total loss on my motorcycle.

It's very typical actually. Insurance companies have no problem taking your money every month/year. But God forbid they have to do their job...what you're paying them for...and suddenly they want to drop you. They don't bother taking into consideration that you're a loyal customer that has always paid in full and on time every single month.

They don't care that you also have home owners insurance and a life insurance policy with them. They don't care that you're a good driver with a clean record for years. They don't care about anything except money....EASY MONEY! They don't want to have to work to get your money.

They want monthly payments and no paperwork. Neighbors are there for you through the tough times. Fair weather friends bail out at the first sign of trouble. So thank you State Farm for being a fair weather friend.

You could care less about the people you insure. You don't know them and you don't want to know them. It's nice to see you set yourselves apart from all the other insurance giants out there. If you work for State Farm, you should be ashamed of yourself.

How can you sleep at night knowing you punish hard working individuals for not being perfect?

NO ONE is perfect! That's why we have insurance.

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I agree 100%. They are doing the same thing to me right now.

Courtney S

I agree 100%. They are doing the same thing to me right now.

After 9 years of being a loyal customer, who pays on time, I'm being dropped. I hope someone sues the pants off this company one day.


Yep, just got a rejection letter from State Farm dropping us ... Geico is so much better especially to military.


State Farm is planning on dropping me because my daugher has had accidents, one of which state farm paid nothing (not her fault and other ins co paid). State Farm advised me to have her get separate insurance.

She got her own separate polic with Progressive. Now they say she needs to move out. Because she lives in my house I will be cancelled. Are they F****** kidding me.

I have heard nothing good about State Farm lately. They want the money but absolutely NO RISK! I have home owners with them too and no accidents or tickets from any of the remaining drivers on my policy.

PLEASE CANCEL ALL POLICIES WITH THEM. We need more insurance regulations and monitoring!111

to Anonymous #1376430

The same thing happened to me today from State Farm seems like they only care about money. If my 17yr daughter moves then they will consider appeal screw State Farm. I got better quote from all state


Same situation, 20 years with State Farm, five vehicles insured and house. Two no fault claims in

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1315424

Same situation with State Farm. My grandmother, aunt, and I are insured through the same office and we have been for years.

My grandmother also has homeowners insurance bundled in with them. None of us have ever missed a payment, I know that mine is automatically deducted. Anyway, I got into 2 bad accidents back to back, one was not considered at fault, and one was, even though I was the 3rd card in a 4 car accident, go figure.

Anyway, they told me I'm being dropped. I've never gotten a traffic violation, or even been pulled over in my 20+ years on the road, but like a good neighbor, State Farm Doesn't Care.


I 100 percent agree. State Farm Sucks with capital S.

They are doing the same thing to us.

They have been collecting dues from us for last 20 years and now they dont want to reniew....because we have few accidents.

Stste Farm is a bad neighbor !


Yeah I've been with State Farm about 2 years and they told me today they are dropping my insurance! 3 days before my insurance was to be renewed!

Also I just bought a 2015 Dodge Challenger 2 months back! Didn't see this coming! I had a windshield claim from a rock damage from dump truck! Also vandalism to my car!

I live in apt! I did claim on that!

Now I'm dropped! Yeah they don't care I'm 50 never have had a wreck and a perfect driving record


I am having the same issue! Been with them

For 6 years and now due to an accident that wasn't my fault and a speeding ticket their dropping me. Seriously pissed

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #953057

Insurance Basics and Insurance 101 (You're the same person) You are a State Farm shill- probably own a franchise. Your pat answers are infuriating- you ball washer!


Well! What you got to remember is that all insurance companies esp., State Farm are legalized scammers.

Been with State Farm since 1982, for Auto, Home, and Life. They never have bat an eye to Cash your premiums but very quick to send you letters of intent to drop you if you don't struggle to get the payment in on time. The economy is getting worse and they are constantly raising their rates but when you reach out for them and when you want to make a claim they (esp. your agent wants you to do all the leg work and they want you to do all your calling and follow ups, you gotta constantly follow up on your own claims.) start telling you if you make too many claims you could be dropped.

Instead they need to start saying...... and this needs to be their new slogan........ "Make your first claim, WE are not their for you, YOU are being dropped and we thank you for letting us scam you all those years and clean your accounts out". I've had bad neighbor's in all the years that I've had my house and so have you State Farm since 1982 and I've made religious premium payments to you for that house all these years and I believe you are worse than some of the neighbor's that I have had.

Then again your slogan may fit you......... I do know of neighbors in the hood that have been thieves like.....


you State Farm!

to JoethePlumber #855838

Pretty simple concept. No money, no contract.

The ONLY thing that sets an insurance company's contract in motion is the correct payment of premium. The moment a premium payment is missed, the contract ends. Period. Yes, the customer must prove his claim, gather info and cooperate with the claim process.

No cooperation, no payout. Insurance agents are licensed to sell insurance. Claim reps are licensed to make settlement decisions. The burden of proof is on the policyholder at the time of the claim.

Insurance risk is measured year to year. If you make claims too frequently, you are a risk for future claims. Risk management keeps insurance companies in business. Lastly, of course you get a late notice with intent to cancel when the premium has not been paid.

That is the law.

Thank your regulators for how the world of insurance works. It's one of the most regulated industries in the world.


Yeah I have been with them with them for 20 years and then they just dropped me and my family. they are terrible Don't sign with them

Culver City, California, United States #685398

Food For thought just think about this if you have health insurance (obama care) then i think it would be cheaper t drop car insurance pay the fines of 115$ anytime your caught and keep the money that we pay state farm just for that we would be richer and health care can take care of a accident :eek :zzz :x

to Anonymous #856354

Oh that's intelligent, brainiac. Let's all just cancel our car insurance.

Of course you'll never injure anyone or destroy their property.

That would be great because then you'll never have your wages garnished or your home, savings or vehicles taken to pay off the debts you incurred by your negligent actions. Genious!

Florence, Alabama, United States #679169

IN NORTH ALABAMA STATE FARM DID THE SAME THING.....to my 80 y/o GRANDFATHER who's full time JOB at 80, is caring for my grandmother (his wife) diagnosed with PARKINSON'S DISEASE UNABLE TO WALK, her doctors are 140 miles away which they travel to on a weekly or bi-monthy basis... He was dropped due to ANOTHER IDIOTS FAULT in an accident a couple years ago and then for a recent speeding ticket doing 60 in a 45, which he accepts full responsibility THAT IS WHY HE IS GIVEN A TRAFFIC TICKET AND PAYS IT..

2wks later, he gets a letter that he is being dropped at the end of this month !

My grandparents owned a transportation business, they have been LOYAL CUSTOMERS, never late on a single payment in no telling how many years, decades with State Farm... It will continue happening to people and they'll continue losing customers, and more than likely they'll lose their own agents due to their own policies ....


You don't understand how risk is weighed. Eighty year old drivers with a recent accident and a recent ticket show a large increase in the possibility of the next claim being soon.

Insurance is a risk based business. Your relative is showing the staristi also signs of being a hazardous driver.

There's a reason policies r in for 6 months to a year with every company. They are reserving the right to get off the risk.

Clearfield, Utah, United States #676809

So the average rate is 2 claims in 8 yrs. I've been a customer for 15 yrs and they are dropping me because I totaled my car.

I received the ticket and technically it was my fault, but the other driver had sped up to beat the light. State Farm did no independent investigation they just showed me 100 % at fault because I was cited.

I verified this with them, so your theory doesn't really pan out now. First ticket in 15 yrs, no other drivers at home, one claim.

to Anonymous #677329

Not sure who you're responding to, but I'll pipe in. No, the average rate of claims is 1 (one) at fault auto claim every 17 years.

If you've been a continuous 15 year customer and only made an at fault claim with a ticket, the company could not legally drop you in any state. So, something's wrong with what you're stating.

Now, if that at fault accident was due to reckless driving or driving with a suspended license or there was drinking or drugs involved, well, they have what's called a legal and valid reason to drop you. Also, if you have other drivers in your household who also have claims and/or tickets, they are allowed to put them all together as a household and that could cause a legal and valid drop.

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