I just found out through my insurance Agent Ed McCabe with State Farm Insurance that they will not be renewing my policy because I had a minor claim of $4000 on my homeowners policy in 2012. I was appalled that they did not contact me either by mail, email or a simple telephone call.

Amazing how they work, it is too bad they will fall into the same category as bogus insurance companies, I feel sorry for all those Hurricane Sandy victims with State Farm Insurance. When you are looking for homeowners insurance run the other way from State Farm Insurance.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Homeowners Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I was just notified yesterday that State Farm will not be renewing my home policy because I have had one claim. Our basement flooded.

What kind of company does business like this?

I'm just glad I didn't use them for my cars. Wish I had know about their cancellation policy before I got involved with them.


I'm in the middle of a big loss to my home during an ice storm. State Farm assigned me 9 different adjusters until I was assigned one contents adjuster and one main adjuster.

I have been pleased by my contents adjuster, but the main adjuster speaks to me as if I'm a complete *** and he is very short with me. I feel as if they are both getting a bonus if they keep my damaged repairs low. I spend over 6k per year with State Farm. I'm shopping for a new insurance company, before they have an opportunity to drop me.

I wouldn't wish this hassle on my worst enemy!

Actually I might! It is clearly me against them and I have to beg them to reimburse me for legitimate damaged property.


Yes, State Farm dropped our home insurance because of an home invasion. They act like it was our fault we got robbed while at work.

Don't do business with State Farm, and I know 2 other people they treated the same way.

Cypress, California, United States #873149

I jsut got my letter today. Our home was broken into and we lost more than $10k in stuff.

All legitimate. There was a limit on our policy and I only got about $2k. We were devastated because our agent didn't explain this at all. So I will have to spend the next few years replacing the lost items.

And now I have had my policy dropped after being loyal to SF for the last 20+ years for home and car policies. Absolutely shocking and deplorable that they can have this as a poilcy. Absolutely cannot believe we are required to do business with companies like this.

I have gone out of my way t obe loyal for all this time and now I get thrown out on the street by them. Absolutely unacceptable business practice...

California, United States #864255

You will love this one. State Farm dropped us because we had a $0 water claim on another house one and one half years ago.

That's right.

It was not even a real claim because all I did was call and ask if it would be covered. LAME!

to Bee #864894

When you inform your insurance company that you had a loss, you have created a permanent record of your loss, regardless if you are eligible for a check or not. This is the case with all insurance companies.

The insurance company is constantly monitoring the risk of potential loss.

Many companies don't want your business if you've involved your insurance company in a recent loss. Recent would be considered a loss within the last 3 years.


We have state farm. We had our pipes burst this winter!

As it didn't reach much above -30 all winter. The plumbing was on an outside wall! They have taken care of us hand over fist! Over $80,000 for just kitchen and bath!

I can't say I'm not a little worried that they wont drop us!

But who knows! I don't know however that they have been absolutely awesome to us!

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1322841

My basement flooded in January and they were great with me. Then I got cancelled.


We just made our very first insurance claim to State Farm. We've paid our $2000 premium to them every single year for 28 years.

The damage was $10,000 with a $2000 deductible. We are retired and on a fixed income. $8000 is A LOT of money. Our agent hinted that if we pursued the claim we would be cancelled.

Having read the comments here, I'm guessing we should just learn to live with the damage and fix it as best we can as we have the money.

Since we live in Earthquake-prone California, I'm guessing that should we get significant damage in a quake our first call will have to be to an attorney rather than our insurance agent. Like a good neighbor my ***.

to Theresa #839087

It's been my experience that insurance companies weigh the OVERALL risk of keeping the client on the books. Those who are non renewed after one claim have usually made that claim within the first year of their policy inception or they have had a high risk claim.

High risk claims include "lost" or stolen items, "Oh, I found this damage I had no idea was here and I just took out my policy", "Whoops, my 30 year old roof is suddenly damaged" or accidentally walking away and forgetting you were frying food on the stove. These are just a few examples.

I highly doubt your agent suggested you would be non renewed for ONE claim after having your home insured for 28 consecutive years without a loss. What they most likely did was inform you that your loss will become a permanent record, regardless of what is paid, even if coverage is denied.

A good agent explains the options you have and informs you of consequences. A series of claims will cause non renewal.

to Info #1322842

I had one claim ever and was cancelled within three months. I had a flooded basement through no fault of my own. I had no idea they would cancel my policy for that or I would have just tried to take care of it myself.


Here's a question - I was dropped after one claim as well - and I did receive a minor payout ($4000). They told me at the time that I needed to keep all receipts for the repairs, that I needed to prove that I made the repairs like-for-like.

Now that they dropped me - do they still have the power to ask me for receipts? Or am I truly out from under their thumb and I can do whatever I want as far as repairs?

(I don't want to get more wall to wall carpeting, I want to do linoleum).


I was just dropped from State Farm after one claim that I was not even paid out for. I received nothing from them.

I feel completely robbed. At least if I were to have stuffed all of the money I donated to them for years into a mattress I would at least have some money to fix my roof.

A storm took half of my roof off and I received no compensation for all of the money I paid to State Farm. I am confused as to why I have been blacklisted from State Farm and why I though buying insurance was a wise choice in the first place?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #645603

Yep one claim 2400 $ and State farm dropped my home insurance WTF one claim I thought that is why you had insurance. So it is pay us thousands and when we need to pay a claim of a few hundred your gone...

Get lost State farm I will NEVER recommend you to anyone.

This should be illegal I could have put those payments I sent you in the bank paid out the claim myself and still had a huge pot of cash to draw from if I needed. RIP OFF>>>

to aerophoto Columbia, South Carolina, United States #668292

were you able to get homeowners insurance through another company?

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #623782

I had insurance with State Farm through one of my brothers, a SF agent. He claimed he knew the insurance ins and outs in our state on the back of his hand.

Well I went to ALLState to get another quote, discovered I could save $400 per year and then contacted brother for my refund. Guess what? He never paid me. Nope not a dime.

Always a reason, gee, I did not get your call, or gosh just missed you at the office. I said, why not mail it to me? Oh I dont have any stamps.

And this is a BROTHER, blood relative in the business. Suffice to say, I wouldn't give a dime to any SF insurance agency ever again.

to scubadiver #623816

Really, scubadiver? You really expect us to believe your story?

First, the agent doesn't refund anything when you cancel a policy, the company does, if it's due. Agents aren't allowed to refund money. Once money is accepted by any State Farm agent, the money belongs to State Farm. It will only be distributed as State Farm allows it to be.

If your story is remotely true all you have to do is call the company or your insurance commissioner's office. Simple solution.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #577396

I am another very unhappy State Farm customer. I have had my auto insurance with them for over 40 years and homeowner's insurance for 27 years.

I just learned that they are not renewing my homeowner's coverage because of two minor claims within the last 5 years.

I am so personally offended I could scream...all those years of on-time payments and being a loyal customer and they treat me this way!

Manassas, Virginia, United States #572264

I've been affiliated with State Farm for over 24 years and I have NEVER, EVER seen a customer dropped for one legitimate claim. Now, that said, I have seen customers dropped for fraudulant claims or for having a claim and refusing to repair the damage to their home.

There's clearly more to this story. Also, the law REQUIRES the company notify you in writing. A phone call will not do. I guarantee you, State Farm Insurance did not break the law and fail to notify you by mail.

You may not have received the letter, but it was sent and they do have proof of mailing. All you have to do is ask for it.

to ***fused Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #599505

I guess now you can say that you know of people they have screwed. I just recieved a letter from state farm stating they are not renewing my policy because of 2 claims i filed within 9 years, this is bull ***, i want a refund for the years I 7 years I did not file on.

also these claims were due to tornado damage, like I can tell a tornado to go somewhere else.

F-YOU statefarm. Now its time to get the news channels involved.

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