We have had our policy for 20 years(car insurance). The first time we have to use it (vandalism) they replace our parts with used parts , which is now their policy.

If they can get it used, they do that first, to save money said our claim agent Jordan. It also took longer to find said parts, so we had to have a rental car longer(more cost to us). Used glass to replace a window. 7 days to find the glass!!!!

Give me a break! Not at all satisfied.

They tell you to use their service list, DON"T. Go to a dealer and get your own rental,(they didn't have any economy cars left, just expensive, gas guzzlers.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

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Fresno, California, United States #1304775

Thos happened to ys. I'm cancelling ALL our policies


I'm constantly amazed at how uninformed the general public is about insurance company practices and repairs. First: I've been in the business for over 24 years.

There's no company out there that puts a brand new part on a car that's not still in a dealership showroom. If a used part is found, it's put on your used car. Keep in mind, your car is used the moment you drive it off the lot. Second: When choosing a company for insurance, remember to ask them if they are allowed to use class A, B or C used parts.

Big difference. Third: Regardless if your part is brand new manufactured, after market or used, they all must be stripped, sanded, prepped and painted and blended to match. No difference what-so-ever and if you use a shop the company recommends, the company guarantees the work for the ownership lifetime. If you choose a dealer as "Shy" recommended, you get no better work and only a HUGE difference in hourly rates.

Same parts, same method of repair.

Also, many dealerships send your car out to be repaired by a body shop off premises (bet you didn't know that). Only difference...costs to your premiums in the long run.


Used "Junk Yard Parts" are not better than Aftermarket Parts !!!...Congatulatios!...

You just got Discount Double %$#@# and to

"A Better State Of Depression"


Zach, you are a ***. When paying for auto insurance, which is expensive for a "what if", for long periods of time without making claims, then turns around and makes a claim after forking over tons of money, that person has the right to expect their car damage to be restored to brand new with brand new parts.

I wouldn't want users parts on my car that were probably bought at some salvage yard. I can go to any salvage yard to find used parts to fix my damage car myself, hired my own mechanic who is completely honest and fair, and still be able to save money when compared to paying auto insurance. All this coming from a woman. Zach, you should know better.

But if you're OK with getting ripped off then fine by me. It your money, not mine.


Stop complaining!State Farm is wonderful. Be thankful as used parts are better than aftermarket parts!

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