I recently had a car accident no fault of my own that was caused by a state farm customer. My car was the only one totaled.

I have been without a car for a few days now and is having trouble with rides to work and getting my children to school.

I spoke with a few of the state farm representatives who were very rude and short. This is just not right. I am so upset bc I was the victim.

Im seeking legal advice to sort this matter out the correct way after seeing all these complaints on state farm. Thanks everyone.

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James is correct- Your insurance company should be going after State Farm. That is, if you had insurance.

I have been with State Farm for over twenty years and have had nothing but EXCELLENT customer service from them.

If you did not have insurance you are SOL....even if the accident was not your fault. If you did have insurance you should be dealing with them not State Farm.


There are other options to getting lawyers involved. I used a subrogation company to resolve my claim.

They specialize in getting insurance companies to pay claims. I used a company I found on this site called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals.

They got State Farm to pay my claim in full after giving me the run around for a long long long time. If you have a hard time getting a lawyer to take your case, they may be an option for you.


my car was crushed totaled in a storm. I had full coverage insurance on my vehicle.

State Farm didnt come out until almost 3wks later then they told me i had to have someone cut the tree out the car before they could send someone out. The rep came took pictures a week later then asked if the car would crank up. TOTALED the car was smashed 2 trees fell out it (the drivers side. They told me it will be a couple of days before they do the total lost inventory.

My rental car time was up they wouldnt give me a extensionn on the rental vehicle its been 6wks they have only sent me a check for the lien holder of my titles and was suppose to have sent me a check for my loss. I havent received a check i have talked to about 20 different reps who keeps giving different answers each time i call.

They told me the check was mailed out then i called back they said the check was being printed off and would be fed ex to my agent. Well the next day i called my agent no check now the telling me i have to wait 2 more days make a appointment with a local office and they will print me out a check.


Sounds to me like someone didn't have insurance, if you did you would of been in a rental car in no time while they investaged an if you did have insurance lousy then its your fault for having lousy insurance. State farm is great I pay full coverage an take great care of me an your insurance company should be calling state farms not you, so get insurance next time you get behind the wheel


Bottom line all co's the same especially when it comes to accidents that are not your fault. Any property damage over 25K get a lawer, any injury call the lawer first before your or at-fault insurer.

And then play the game with your injuries.

This is what the insurers turned us into. Otherwise you lose big time after everyone takes it out of your ***.

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