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State Farm has cancelled our home owner's insurance after 12 years on the basis of the number of claims filed. One was a false liability claim that was never paid out. The others were all the result of wind or hail damage to our home.

The amount we have paid in insurance premiums doesn't even come close to the amount they have paid out to settle these claims. Are we supposed to leave damage unrepaired when we are trying to sell our home?

No one warned us that filing a claim could endanger our policy.

I'll never use State Farm again.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #953045

We've been with State Farm for 40 years and the only claim (ever) was for severe hail damage 37 years. ago.

We have three homes insured through them. One of the homes is for sale through a Realtor (for only 3 months... we bought a new house) ... and they cancelled that policy BECAUSE IT IS VACANT!

The only purpose for insurance is risk management.

But State Farm is "risk managing" themselves out of business. If you can't trust them to cover you while you sell your home...you can't trust them period.

Goodbye State Farm.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #819973

Be careful, your ignorance about the insurance industry and posting slanderous ignorant statements can and will ventually land you in court.


We paid in for over 20 years and then had 2 claims with nothought that there would ve a problem, then got cancelled too. We are moving all our cars, very disgusted with State Farm now!

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #698512

I am pissed at the insurance companies these days, They suck!! all of them for any reason that you might need to have insurance for.

They want your money but gives you nothing I mean nothing when you need it. If you have to deal with it yourself or pay for your own repairs, why in the *** do we have to give them our money. Like I said they all suck..

SUCK BALLS!!! and having to go from paying 800 to 3000 a year sucks even worse.

Duncan, Oklahoma, United States #658635

they just cancelled ours for 3 claims due to hail damage on our roof in 25 years. the thing that burns my butt is that the adjustor decides if repairs are needed not us.

we called and asked them to look and they decided it needed replacing. Seems to me they should educate their adjustors a little more. Our agent is acting on our behalf.

I thought they used to be a good company but now I am not so sure. I guess we should have let the roof leak and when we filed a claim it would have been triple the amount to replace the roof, ceilings, furniture, and whatever else was damaged.


Yes..they did the same thing to us, after 35 years and only 3 claims during that time from weather issues. Seems perhaps State Farm loves to collect premiums though. Maybe they should get out of the insurance business...after all isn't that why we buy insurance???

to Chino Home Sugar Land, Texas, United States #573045

I just got a letter today telling me my homeowners ins. will not be renews because we did not give them verification of repairs.

We had a water leak outside our home and we though it was under the house, but it was just a small pipe that broke.

Had it fixed almost two years ago, we have had this policy for almost 36 years, what a sorry thing to do, and what I can't understand is why they waited until now to do this. Like I said it's only been almost 2 years since we had this leak.

to Mickey Los Angeles, California, United States #766868

It's the banks who hold your loan, if you still have mortgage, that push for homeowner's to cover their assets or liens in case of a fire. Also, if some one falls in your driveway and requires medical attention, the insurance kicks in with 1000 - 5000 for medical.

If the injured person wants to sue you above and beyond the 5000, I believe the insurance is out of it. If it wasn't for the banks wanting you to have insurance, most homeownwer's would not have them for obvious reasons mentioned on this chat board.


the no.of claims will continue to increase as people file ho claims as u have pointed out, why did u have so many claims when your neighbors probably had none


I was with them for 33 years and due to weather I had claims so I paid out extra money to change different ways to prevent from happening again and they canceled my homeowners. I had a quote from Allstate for my car that was 400.00 less a year but I wanted to stay with state farm so I took less coverage on my car. Yes I will change my cars and never give state farm another dime.

Maldonado, Maldonado, Uruguay #312549

So are we forgetting that insurance is a contract whereby you transfer risk to someone else in exchange for premium? They are not obligated to take your risk if your risk is a bad one. If you file multiple claims (for the same type of loss no less) you have proven to the company that you are not a risk they wish to take.

to Guy Sugar Land, Texas, United States #573047

So why have ins?

to Guy Noblesville, Indiana, United States #698507

you must work for the insurance company, I thought that the reason to have insurance is to protect you when you need it. If thats not the case why should we be obligated to pay insurance at all. I say obligated because I have to covered not by choice.

to Guy Los Angeles, California, United States #766879

Hey Guy, how about recurring natural disasters? Are homeowner's insureds not supposed to report damages because of fear of being dropped?

Under risk, what are isnsurances worth for then?

Two claims or three, it should not matter, this is why you pay so much year-in-and-out for coverages, in some instances, beyond your control. Insuarances play a dirty quota game under "risk" and consumers seem to have taken it sitting down, have not done anything to change this trend against them.


Rick, 12 years is an eternity. State Farm cancels anyone with 3 claims in 3 years.

Doesn't matter whether it is covered or not. No agents appeal, no exceptions.

Employees are even cancelled. This is not the same company you gave so many years of service to.


If you think State Farm Ins is bad or unfair, check their nearest competitor All State Ins. You will probably be cancelled for the first claim!

As a retired State Farm Agent, this company has been rated number 1 since the beginning. Since I don't know "details" of your claims, it is hard to analyze your cancellation. It was probably for a good reason and justified. However, your agent should have reviewed the situation and appealed it you think it was unjustified.

This is important, since this Cancellation is probably in your new carriers file. Other than statistics provided in the business world, taking my personal experience, with over 3,500 plus families and 40 plus yrs of service, I have had only 1 account cancelled and it was for fraud proven by the police department. Having been retired over 12 yrs. I've noticed that the quality of Agents have sufferred tremendously.

This is due to a few changes in Agency Contracts and Incentives. In any event, State Farm is one of the companies that will literally "listen" to your complaint and usually justify it in writing.

to Rick Reyes Omaha, Nebraska, United States #646521

We had a fire that destroyed all that we owned. We had one claim for wind damage to our roof about 2 years prior to that.

The fire devastated our family.

But if that wasn't enough, State Farm cancelled our coverage for filing a claim for the fire loss. What were we supposed to do rebuild our home out of our own pockets?

to Ronnie Los Angeles, California, United States #766886

Ronnie, sorry that you were possibly left out without insurance, hopefully you have been able to reinstate it by now, as the bank which holds your mortgage may require it until you pay them off.

You have to fight them on your own, don't hire attorneys. Do your own legwork, research with whatever agency is out there to "protect" the consumer from unjustifiable cause of action from multimillion corporates.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #297081

Learned a lesson, did'nt you? Filing claims for every little bit of hail/wind damage,

So just shut up and deal with it!!!

to WTF??? #692345

Not every little bit. The adjustor came out and made the determination to replace our roof after hail damage. Deal with it??!!!

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