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I have been a State Farm customer since 1976 , and had with them a homeowners insurance . This year they dropped me like a hot potato without any warning , and will not be extending my policy because of three claims over a period of last five years.

All claims were weather related , twice high winds and hail damages , and once water damages . At the time of the claims I was told by the appraising agents that these type of claims will not be counted against me since they were " acts of God". Nevertheless the company dropped my insurance despite the number of years I had the policy ,

and the fact that none of these claims were due to negligence on my part.

My insurance agent tried to appeal but was met with a negative outcome .The cover letter about the dropping of the insurance was a form letter and I felt I was being treated like a criminal. For those who are shopping around for home insurance , and live in regions where weather is a factor ( I live in Chicago) my advice is to stay away from State Farm because if you have couple of strikes you are out .

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Homeowners Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #589826

Been a loyal SF customer from 97. Paid on time , bla bla.

Always had one to two cars with full coverage, homeowners, and temp health and life coverage for a year. No tikets and no claims until recently. In 09 I slid on ice coming down my driveway and "tapped" my neighbors car. Was 1,500 damage.

Then in 2012 my husband got a motorcycle. A cheap 3,000 first bike for him, totaled it after 4 months, claim payed out was 3,000 and some change. Full coverage policy. Took over 6 weeks to get a check from them.

Just slow as ***! Apon calling a lot of internal changes have been made and SF is not really the same company we had delt with in the past. Not friendly or helpfull, total corporate now. Anyways, after the motorcycle claim, got letter that says we are dropped?!

After 16 years with less than 5,000 of claims, no medical claims, no tickets, good drivers, paid on time, and never had a house claim we are dropped!!!

Wtf, I have paid in well over $20,000 in all those years! SF has gotten way to huge and only is looking at their bottom line profits then being a "good neighbor"!!!


to germo, you have to get vacant home ins many co,s rite this kind of policy its about 4 times normal cost. no normal ins co can afford the cost of the damage done to a vacant home, I had 1 looted by a bad renter, cost for this damage....

Ripped out gas, water, and a/c lines.. then ripped out electrical wiring, stolen appliances, and other damage while removing what they could get.... Almost $50k.

and that was in a matter of days... hope this helps

Gaisbach, Bayern, Germany #438304


This also happened to me, however, when I called my agent he explained to me that all I needed to do was chnage to policy from a Homeowners Policy to a Rental Property. Even though I had no tenant at the time, I was still able to keep coverage on my dad-in-law's house home. Hope this can help.


Get this: Mom had State Farm for 48 years WITHOUT ONE single claim, ever. We moved her to live with us, put her house up for sale, and State Farm dropped her due to it being vacant (the local paper showed the house for sale - local rep reported it I guess).

So anytime you sell your house, they drop you??? 48 YEARS!!!


Hi I had been with state farm since 2002 it's now 8/10/2011 I was got a letter saying I was being dropping due to policy changes ..... Home located in memphis tn this i got this letter during the time of the flooding just a few months ago though my home was not nowhere close to being affected and i've only ever had 1 claim since i had been the home and that was from that ice storm anyway i was upset so i had up to 5 mnths before my policy was out i requested a refund and got my back which was a large sum since it had been paid for the year , sad to say i have a second home now and all state is doing the same thing same reason (weather)why have insurance if they can just call you up or send you a letter telling you the price went up or you have find another company because you have to many bad weather conditions in your area i can see why so many house are forclosed on and people just move out of them .


Freeland Michigan had 6 inches of rain in two hours in June, 2011. My basement flooded due to a broken drain cover and they declined to do anything.

15K in damages. They did send me a form letter informing me that they DO NOT cover fungus or mold clean up as well.

My lawyer says I'm covered because the water got in due to a broken pipe - which has nothing to do with the rain. State Farms betting I can't out spend them in court.

to Jeff Lewis #1467810

You can't out spend them.


I just got dropped by State Farm for 'not maintaining my property - specifically the condition of the roof.' When I just bought the house and had the roof entirely replaced within 6 months of ownership. I had all the strikes against me for State Farm discrimination:

1) Emerging (regentrifying) neighborhood, but still 'ethnic' -- TOO DARK for State Farm?

2) I bought my house cheap as a fixer, but the neighborhood has all brick homes, so the replacement value is more than the purchase price (the economy dictates this!)

3) I had a legitimate damage claim within the 1st year... Isn't that what the insurance is for?

I will be appealing, but State Farm is due for another class action.

to Kceesgirl #1467813

It sounds like you got canceled because your properties condition was not up to par? Also, to fole a claim in the first year is silly, unless you really had to!


Thanks for the letting us know your experience. I wish I would have read your experience 4 months ago when I made an inquiry, NOT A CLAIM, an inquiry and was dropped.

5 years, I had never called before for any reason, not even when my area felt the *** of Katrina in 05.

Maybe someone in the future will take alert to your experience. Thanks again.

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