State Farm operates with manipulative agents that only hear themselves talk. Do not admit or handle direct facts for Diminished Value for accidents their clients cause. Will only pay minimum, when they do pay it is such a long process, they try to drag cases out in hopes most people will give up.

State Farm has deep connections with the Public State Representatives in Insurance Divisions that claim to work for the public do not. Their goal is to keep State Farm from being fined.

Connected to many public figures that do not want to see "Diminished Value" qualified fairly.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I agree. State Farm was HORRIBLE for one single small auto insurance claim in over 9 years ($980.00 in damage from road debris at night).

My Fiance had 30 days rental, yet State Farm made her give the rental back after a week.... State Farm also made her call around for repair shops that could get the vehicle in the soonest, when that should have been their job, not hers... We dropped State Farm 30 days later and went with Geico.

Much cheaper, and better coverage. We will never ever touch State Farm again, and advise others to choose a better carrier.

to mtrsprt #814955

When you choose to read your policy contract language, you'll find it reads "UP TO 30 days of rental or the completion of repairs, whichever comes first". Also, there is no insurance company that "calls around for repair shops...".

What insurance companies do is suggest you have your vehicle repaired at a shop on their "list".

If you choose not to, it's up to you to choose a shop. You'll find out how ALL insurance companies work when you have your next claim.

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