My husband and I got started a new policy with State Farm back in March for a new truck we had just purchased. We were quoted about $112.

We agreed and they took our first payment that day (meaning coverage started on March 22). Within a couple of weeks we received a notice that they were cancelling our insurance. We called to figure out what was going on and we were told to disregard it because it was an issue with our "rating" (because my husband had had a different policy for a vehicle we no longer had and was classified differently apparently and so they we required to classify him the same). So because of this our rate was supposed to increase by about $20.

When we received the statement that showed the changes it was only for $117 and the explanation on the bill was vague, stating that it was a one time reduction and basically it would go back up the next billing cycle. The whole thing made no sense. But I figured "hey it's less than what they calculated maybe it was just an error so no big deal." I didn't contact them to complain about this (who would?). I then receive a call that our rates are going up to $160 because of a speeding ticket I had received the year before.

I had informed them that the ticket was on my record but they chose not to put it on my account because it didn't show up in their system. When it finally showed up 3 months later I get slapped with a ridiculous increase. Clearly their computer program is lacking if important information such as that isn't showing up. (My husbands not-at-fault accident didn't show up either and we had also told them about that).

So once we found out that it was going to be $160 for one vehicle we started looking elsewhere. I was about to have to add my vehicle to the policy as well because it had previously been in my father's name and on his insurance but since I got married he wanted to sign it over to me. So I had called State Farm just to see how much it would be to add my vehicle. I was quoted that it would be about $100 more (so $260 total for 2 cars).

I proceeded to ask her exactly how much my husbands truck was going to cost because every statement we've had so far has been different. She couldn't even tell me an accurate number. And the number she told me, she even agreed that it sounded to high. So we had looked around and decided to go with ALFA insurance.

We are getting the same coverage on both vehicles and it is $120 a month (instead of $260). We went to cancel our policy with State Farm on the same day we started a policy with ALFA. The main agent was unavailable to talk to us and the other two people in the office claimed that it was required that we meet with said agent in order to cancel. I agreed to come back Monday (it was a Friday) and deal with it even though I knew that the requirement was *** because my husband had cancelled over the phone on his previous policy after we got rid of his old truck.

So anyways, I go back on Monday and cancel. It was the 17th and our next payment was due on the 22nd. She assured me that only the $35 for my life policy would come out. Well of course when we check our bank account on the 23rd, the whole $210 had been taken out.

My husband called the 24 hr number and complained about it and the woman claimed to not have access to the funds so she couldn't do anything about it. On Monday we called our local agent and we were told that the payment was for the previous month up until the day we cancelled. This doesn't make sense when we go back and look at the payments we've made. The way we have been making payments is for the next month, not the previous month.

I was told that we MIGHT get a refund on part of that money once corporate evaluated it. Now we are trying to prove to them that them taking that money out was a mistake. Also one of the girls that works in the office told me on multiple occasions throughout this process that my husband had been in a talked to the agent about the changes and was fine with it. While he did go speak with her to see why things changed, he was most certainly not okay with it.

It comes down to the fact that there was nothing to be done about it because State Farm wasn't just going to go back to our original quote amount.

I am seriously ticked and the run around is getting exhausting. I will never use State Farm for any insurance and am cancelling my life policy today.

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Monroe, Georgia, United States #691018

I have been in the insurance business for 37 years. 7 with Nationwide and 30 as an independent agent with several companies.

So I have seen both sides of this business. I have not had to send an application to be reviewed by an underwriter in years!! I run the credit, mvr's and reports in house. Yes we have underwriters that look at the applications and sometimes they need further info like proof of prior insurance.

Also the application does not ask if you have an accident or violation that is going to be picked up. Deal with honest people and you will be better off. I recently wrote a home policy that the insured said he had a $13000 hail claim 3 years ago.

My company goes back 5 but it did not show up on the clue report. I however input the claim since it had been paid.

to Anonymous #692040

Every single time you write an application it is reviewed and approved by an underwriter, regardless if you bound coverage and ran reports or not. Surely, after 37 years in the business you understand that.

Sorry, but the largest insurer in America, State Farm, does ask, on the application, up front, if you have an accident or violation. They ask for FULL disclosure before binding insurance.

They also ask you to be honest if you have been driving without insurance, UP FRONT. There are companies out there who expect their applicants to be honest.

Slidell, Louisiana, United States #689241

:( Solicited by SF 2 months ago with to good to be true rates. Dropped my longterm policy with Allstate only to receive a cancellation letter 2 months later stating that after further review they could not offer me a policy.

I have lost all my longterm discounts with Allstate if I decide to crawl back to them. I plan to call my insurance commissioner for what is worth.

Also plan to run a full ad in local paper exposing SF. Buyers beware of SF ..........

to Joe #689734

You're not "exposing" anything. By now, most people recognize the fact they are given a rate quote (which is just a quote, not a promise) based on the information they provide.

Once the application (remember, we don't buy insurance, we apply for insurance) is submitted to the underwriting department, THEN your credit is run, your motor vehicle report is run and your history of accidents and drivers are run. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when underwriting risk.

Be honest and up front with an agent and NEVER go online to get a quote. It will *** you every time.

Elkton, Maryland, United States #680312

I work for state farm and encounter this all the time!!!! You do not have to meet with your agent to cancel that is a LIE!!!

What they did was never suspended or cancelled your SFPP Reoccurring Monthly account. WHICH IS 100% possible and takes 5 seconds and maybe 5 clicks of a mouse. They purposely let the money withdrawal so the agents office could get paid for your recent premium payment. The reason your insurance went up in the first place is because not all tickets show right away on the Motor Vehicle report.

After we quote someone the Quote/application goes to an underwriter. Which could take weeks to months to completely finish. Even if you were quoted at a certain price if they find something even 2 months later. They will go back and tell the payment plan to charge you and back date that charge from the day you signed up!!!!


Most likely you wont get a refund, or state farm will take a big chunk of it! AND BELIEVE THEY WILL TAKE THEYRE MARRY OLD TIME GIVING IT BACK IF AT ALL

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